Clip On Hair Extensions

Clip On Hair Extensions

Have you ever dreamed of long beautiful hair? Well... you can make your dream come true with the help of a simple hair extension technique using clip on hair. Clip on hair extension are hair strands that can be attached or clipped on to your natural hair. It is an easy and quick way to gain thick shiny hair. Clip on hair extension is less expensive as compared to all other hair extension techniques.

Clip on hair extensions are available in two forms; one is made from natural hair and the other from artificial hair. The natural clip on hair extensions is more expensive than the artificial one. They are available in different shades and patterns. The most commonly used shades are brown, black, blond etc. You can choose either a wavy, curly, straight or even any type of hair as you wish.

The clip on hair extensions are easy to wear and easy to remove. It consists of hair strands with a small clip attached to it. Using this clip, you can attach it to your natural hair. First thing you have to do is to divide the entire hair strands into small sections. Each section should be only one inch thick. After sectioning, clip on hair extensions should be carefully clipped to each sections of natural hair.

Pros and Cons of Clip on Hair Extensions

Most of us are fond of coloring hair. Think of coloring hair daily with different shades..!! Interesting…, right? This is possible by using clip on hair extensions. Just wear the shades which you like and get the new stylish look. You can also use it to highlight or add color streaks to your natural hair. The advantage over hair color is that, hair color needs a cumbersome removal process before applying the next color, but the clip on hair does not need a difficult removal process, it is easy to wear and easy to remove.

The metallic clips of most of the hair extensions are covered with an external polymer coat. This protects your hair and scalp from the direct contact with the metal.

Choosing clip on hair extensions with shades that almost suits your natural hair color helps in giving a similar natural look. It is better to use products made from natural human hair than an artificially made one, because the texture of artificial clip on hair will be different from that of your natural hair and it might give an awkward look.

Another major benefit of using clip on hair extensions is that you can curl, straighten or even color such hairs as you do on natural hair.

Clip on hair extensions helps in protecting the natural hair beneath it from dust, dirt, ultra violet rays etc.
One of the major disadvantages of such hair extensions is that it may some times fall off your head if not clipped properly. So make sure to clip it well to avoid such mistakes. Another major disadvantage is that in people with extremely thin hair, there are chances to get the clips exposed when the hair is moved side ways.

Tips for Maintaining Clip on Hair Extensions

Hair Washing

The clip on hair should be washed and cleaned properly as you do on your natural hair. They too will get dirty and messed up so make sure to keep it clean. Before washing comb the hair to remove tangles. Initially wet your hair properly, special care should be taken while washing and always wash it in downward motion. You can also apply shampoo whenever you feel it as it is necessary and always choose a good quality shampoo.

Hair Brushing

Always brush your hair using a wide toothed and soft bristled comb. Make sure to comb hair in downward motion.

Hair Styling

Excess use of hair styling tools especially hot tools may damage your clip on hair, so try to minimize their use as much as possible.

Hair Treatment

Even though all types of hair treatments like priming coloring, straightening etc. could be done on such hairs, never make an attempt to do it yourself. Always get it done from an expert to avoid hair damage.

Choose Right Hair Care Products

Whenever purchasing the hair care products, try to choose a good quality branded one. Also make sure that the products are devoid of alcoholic ingredients.

Overnight Care

As there are changes to get the hair tangled while sleeping you should take some precautions before going to bed. Cover the hair with satin scarf or use a satin pillow will be helpful to a greater extend. Another point you should remember is to remove water from the hair if it is wet. Make sure that your hair are completely dried before going to bed.

Exercise and Hair Care

Tie your hair properly into a high pony tail or other similar hair styles before starting exercise. This will help to protect your hair from messing up and getting tangled. Similarly, you should also protect your hair before entering the swimming pool. Tie your hair properly and cover it with a plastic cap before swimming.