Best Ways for Complete Cleavage Hair Removal

Cleavage Hair Removal Information

The increasing need to look good, clean and presentable all the time, is forcing men and women to seek the best methods of grooming. Hair removal has become an integral part of grooming oneself. Women, more than men, are concerned about unwanted hair in the exposed parts of their body. To don a glamorous, deep neck attire women need a clean cleavage. Hence, cleavage hair removal becomes essential. Some need it to boost their confidence and some for their relationship.

On the chest, the most hair is found in the cleavage and sometimes around the nipples. However, the amount of chest hair in women is lot lesser compared that in men. It is possible to follow any of the hair removal methods to get rid of cleavage hair.


If the amount of hair is very few, one can try plucking them. This would not work for a lot of hair, as the cleavage hair is usually very small and fine to be plucked. Moreover, the results do not last that long.


Much similar to plucking, threading targets more hair at a time. The hair would grow in a couple of weeks and the process needs to be repeated.


If the hair is lengthy, it is better to cut it down a bit before shaving. Straight razors are better than disposable and double edge ones, as they do not clog. The shaving must be done in an up-down motion, never sideways. After shaving, cold water and toner must be applied.

Waxing or Sugaring

Waxing is a very effective cleavage hair removal method. It can be done by oneself or in a salon. The temperature of the wax is important. Too hot could cause burns and too cold would not peel off well. If one finds it too painful or messy, one can take professional help in this regard.

Depilatory Creams

Women can use depilatory creams on the cleavage hair, but it is recommended that they do a patch test before trying on the whole area. This is because the chest area is highly sensitive.


Electrolysis is a good option to get a long-term or even permanent cleavage hair removal. Opt for a multi-probe electrolysis treatment.

Laser Treatment For Hair Removal

It is a known fact that laser is effective on dark, thick hair, which is usually not found in the cleavage area. Therefore, in general, laser cannot be considered the best cleavage hair removal method. However, it is better to consult a professional and get his or her opinion, as the possibility differs with each individual.