Clear Mascara For Men

Clear Mascara For Men

For all the metrosexual men out there, looks that kill are not the domain of women only. With other beauty care products, now even men’s mascara is available in the market to redefine their look and the way they look at the world!

Clear mascaras have always been a favorite among models, actors and rock stars. It is a part of the modern day fashion statement for men now. Some men even like to go for the gothic look which can be quite intriguing and interesting as well. Not only that, mascara also helps in enhancing the facial features. You can easily draw the attention of the onlookers to your well-defined eyes, and create a lasting first impression. Clear mascara is certainly a fantastic choice for the men to add a bit of light separation between the eyelashes and hold the lashes and the brow lines in an impressive way. The water finish also helps to add some volume and shimmer to the lashes.

How Should you Apply Clear Mascara

Clear mascara is formulated with a gel like substance and so, it is pretty foolproof. You can apply it both on you upper and lower eyelashes. Here are some tips about applying clear mascara on the eyelashes:

• Before you apply the clear mascara or any type of eye makeup, be sure that you clean your eyes and pat them dry.

• Some people like to curl their eyelashes before applying mascara. To do that, clamp the curler for five seconds at the base of the lashes. Again, clamp at the middle and hold for five more seconds. Curling the eyelashes is anyways a good beginning for a perfect eye makeup as they tend to make the eyelash look bigger at the first instance.

• After curling the lashes, apply the mascara with quick and short strokes. Reapply after drying.

• It is upto you if you want to apply mascara on the bottom lashes. If you want to, just do it the way you did your upper eyelashes.

Shaping the Brows with Clear Mascara

With clear mascara, men can not only define the eyes for a deeper look, but the mascara can be used to hold the shape of the brows as well because it is a gel-like formulation. It is a far better option than using waxy pomade or a stiff hairspray on the eye brows which are more likely to create a mess on the face.

Some Benefits of Clear Mascara

• Men often don’t want to look over the top with the make-up, yet look subtly handsome. Clear mascaras are a good option for them because they don’t look as obvious as any colored mascara.

• It gives a lesser risk of smearing and smudging. The look remains natural, yet done to perfection.

• It adds sheen and volume to the eyes, and the depth with just quick and few strokes.

• It gives a wonderful definition without an impression that it is actually there.

• It is helps in holding the curl of the eye as well.

• The best thing about the clear mascara is, you can tame your eyebrows with it as well.

Even a few years ago, it was inconceivable for men to wear any kind of makeup. But the times are changing after all. Men now like to take good care of themselves and their looks. Not only actors and models, it is about the whole male mass now – trying to match their female counterparts in the war to look better. Clear mascara is another boon to the metrosexual men who are no longer negligent about their looks.