Circumcision Surgery Side Effects

Circumcision Surgery

Circumcision basically means to remove the foreskin that covers the tip of the penis. Every man is born with a foreskin that covers the sensitive tip of the penis. The foreskin is like a protective shield which protects the sensitive tip as well as keeps it clean and moist.

Circumcision has been practiced since centuries and people still follow this as a religious faith, and this is especially practiced by the Jews and the Muslims. This practice was later followed by other religions in the 19th century. Below are a few advantage and disadvantages of circumcision.

Advantages of Circumcision Surgery

  • A child who is circumcised is less prone to penis cancer and urinary tract infection. A few studies have also proved that a circumcised child is at a lesser risk of HIV as well as other sexually transmitted diseases.

  • The foreskin of the penis is more prone to infection and with circumcision it’s safe as the penis is more hygienic and there is less of bad odour.

  • Another advantage of circumcision is that it can prevent penile problems. In a few cases, the foreskin of the uncircumcised penis is difficult to retract, therefore leading to inflammation of the tip of the penis. This situation is called Balanitis and leads to complications.

  • Men who go through bladder gland or prostrate problem in later stages of life often develop problems with the foreskin. Circumcision in early stages helps in preventing this problem.

  • In a few women, cervix cancer is caused by the viruses that live on and under the foreskin of a man, as, while intercourse it easily gets transmitted. In such cases, circumcision decreases the chances of this cancer.

  • Babies which are not circumcised are 10% more prone to kidney infection than the ones that are circumcised. Therefore, babies who are not circumcised are at a higher risk of urethra problems.

  • According to a few studies, babies who are circumcised experience less problems of erection at puberty.

Disadvantages of Circumcision Surgery

  • According to a few medical studies, there is no specific reason for circumcision. When it comes to other types of surgeries, there are always risks which include in circumcision also.

  • The foreskin of the penis keeps it clean and moist. It also protects it; therefore, circumcision makes the penis more prone to other harmful factors.

  • As a result of circumcision, a man may not be comfortable urinating or may experience some surgical problems.

  • It is known that the tip of the penis becomes tough without the protective cover and the sensitivity eventually is reduced (this layer is removed in circumcision).

  • Circumcision is done without using anesthesia and the pain cannot be tolerable.  The circumcision is done in infancy, therefore guys cannot get over the memory of the pain and this later may affect their sex life.

Circumcision Surgery Side Effects

Some serious side effects of circumcision includes:

  • Circumcision may result in death by septicaemia.

  • Accidental amputation of the whole penis.

  • Circumcision may also result in brain damage

  • A buried penis

  • Necrosis, gangrene and necrotising fasciitis.

  • Decreased sexual sensitivity is also experienced by guys after circumcision.

  • A few men may experience mutilation, anger and betrayal after knowing about their genitals being modified.

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