Circumcision Surgery Procedure

Circumcision Surgery Requirements

Ideally, teenager is in the perfect stage to undergo circumcision rather than it being performed on an infant. It requires minimum requirement and this involves the after care of the circumcised penis. There is no specific rule that you need to follow before taking up circumcision.

A few doctors take an appointment a month before. The main doctor will have a preliminary consultation and this will help you to understand the procedure. You should inform  the doctor in advance, if you are allergic to antibiotic or anesthetic or if you are diabetic. You also have to be specific about the scar line placement. Ask your doctor if you have any lingering doubts or questions before taking the treatment of circumcision.

Preparation for Circumcision Surgery

Public hair- It is better to get the pubic hair trimmed ahead of the surgery as this helps asepsis while the operation is on. It also prevents the hair from becoming painful and trapped in the bandage.

Sex- In the post stages of circumcision, you will not be able to indulge in sex for almost six weeks.

Alcohol- The very important thing to remember is that before undergoing the surgery, you should avoid taking alcohol. Alcohol will dehydrate your body and bring down the effect of local anesthetic.  

Hygiene- Prior to undergoing the process of circumcision, take a shower in the morning and make sure you pay extra attention to your genitals. Try and clean your foreskin as much as you can and empty your bladder and bowels before you go for the operation.

Process of Circumcision Surgery

Before the operation starts, the patient is given 1 ml of Tylenol or Tempra at home. This will be prescribed by the doctor as per the patient’s situation. Then a topical anesthetic will be applied to the penis. This is a special cream that will numb the skin of that area. After this an injection is given known as dorsal penile ring block that will be injected into the soft tissue of the penis.

After a gap of 10 minutes the penis is frozen and then the circumcision is performed. During the process, the plastic ring is attached to the penis and then the foreskin is pulled out. The surgery takes about 15 minutes.  Following the above tips will help you  have a safe circumcision. Keep the above preparations in mind and this will also help you to recover faster.

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