Christmas Pudding Trifle Recipe

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Christmas Pudding Trifle
Preparation Time:
6-7 hours.
Occasion Recipes
Boxing Day
Decorating bowl, fridge, serving bowls.
Skill Level:
Quick And Easy

Christmas Pudding Trifle Ingredients

  • 1 small shop bought Christmas pudding
  •  1 tin of pineapple pieces
  •  2 oranges (peeled and segmented)
  •  1 tub of prepared custard (500 ml)
  •  pot whipped cream (284 ml)
  •  3 tablespoons of toasted almond flakes.

Preparation Method for Christmas Pudding Trifle Recipe

One has to start with assembling the trifle in to the decorative bowl. The first step is to crumble the pudding and place it in the bottom of the bowl. This layer would be topped with pineapple and oranges. The layer of fruits will be topped with custard. This dish has to be kept in the fridge for hours at a time for the custard to set properly. After this is done the dish is ready to serve. To serve this dish one can use dessert bowls and garnish it with whipped cream and toasted almond flakes.