Christina Aguilera Makeup

Christina Aguilera Makeup

Christina Aguilera is the latest sensation to exhibit the make up looks of all time 1950s pin up era!  Have you ever tried this makeup? How to achieve this look easily? With her dark eyes and bright red lips she exudes glamour and style. Here are a few make up tips which will help you achieving this look!

Step One

Purchase some good quality make up brushes. Never underestimate the effectiveness of good quality brushes in enhancing your make up and its application. Your eyebrows must be well-groomed too to obtain this look. Ensure that the inner parts of your brow are the thickest, and it must get thinner running toward the edges. If you have blonde hair, it is worth penciling your eye brows in with a pencil to acquire a dramatic look that will complement the rest of your make up.

Step Two

Get a foundation, suiting your skin tone. Getting a lighter one is perfect if you cannot get the perfect match. If you have blemishes and spots on your face, getting a perfect foundation is imperative. Ensure you apply all the foundation in as you don't want a line across your neck!

Step Three

Use a big make up brush and add highlighting powder to all over your face where light will naturally fall on to. This will include the forehead, nose, cheekbones and your chest area as well if you want to look really glamorous.

Step Four

The eyes are the most prominent part of this look and your face.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow bases are generally good to begin with, prior to adding the dark kohl. It is recommended to use a thin make up brush and kohl adding a small amount of water to it. Draw a thick line and select to lash line prior to curving it slightly at the corners. How thick you should draw this line and how much should you curve it will be based on how dramatic you want it to look. Now apply thick, black mascara and for an evening look probably incorporate some false eyelashes. Christina Aguilera uses an angled eyeliner brush to highlight her eyes.

Step Five

Be bold with your eye shadow, select a dark shade and work your way up the whole eyelid and mix it well. Gold glittery make up can look great with his look.

Step Six

Apply a rosy powder to the apples of your cheeks which runs up to your cheekbones. Liquid tints can be one of the good options for this look and will ensure you glow all day. Don't forget to mix all your makeup gently and that fingertips are quite good for doing this.

Step Seven

Finish the complete look with a bold and bright red lipstick, the bolder the better! If you are not sure on whether red will suit your skin tone, don’t forget there are innumerable different shades of red; an orangey shade can often be more flattering to some tones.
Now enjoy your glamorous pin up look! Remember to use tactfully your make up brushes in order to get the best result. Especially your kohl brush, that needs to be in good condition to acquire those clean and sharp lines. The ideal way to keep your make up brushes in great shape and condition is to clean them regularly in warm water applying a small amount of shampoo to keep them soft. Do not allow them to dry in too hot an ambience otherwise they will get too bristly and lose their softness.

Few More Tips for Healthy Make up

There are a few tips that would be healthy and imperative to follow if you really wish to look great and maintain a good skin and health without which the makeup will lose its elegance.

  • Use baby powder for blonde hair. When you are running short of time to shampoo, it will turn your hair smooth and soft, and it lightens up the color.
  • Never go to sleep without cleaning your face. Take care of your skin, drink water, and get plenty of rest.
  • Make moisturizer, foundation, lip balm, and lipstick your daily essentials.
  • Rely on Sunless Tanning Lotion. It’s a lifesaver when you are outdoors. Avoid getting exposed to sun without wearing this lotion.
  • Apply some good nail cream every night before going to bed. You can make use of it some other ways also, like applying on lips.