Choose a Wedding Planner

It is a great time in every couple’s life when they get engaged and they set a date for the wedding.  Everyone would love to have a dream wedding and if there is enough time and planning it could be made realistic.  Wedding planning is a recent phenomenon and this is a great option. 

Couple’s Decisions:  Couples these days lead busy lives and many of them now prefer to choose a Wedding Planner to do the work and pay for the privilege.  The couple has to decide how much to spend, how many people they want to invite, theme for the wedding and the date before choosing a planner. The next step would depend on the budget and needs whether you might want:

  •  a full service planner to organize everything
  • Just help with location and coordinate with various parties

Once this aspect of the planning is sorted out, the next step is to interview before you choose a Wedding Planner. Ask questions to make sure that you are making the right choice in a wedding planner. 

  • Why did they choose this for a career?
  • How long have they been doing this?
  • When was the last one?
  • Do they help with travel plans and hotel arrangements?
  • How do they handle contingencies like weather?
  • Which vendors do they work with? 
  • Do they get commissions from the vendors for referrals?
  • What kind of planning packages do they offer?

Do interview two or three planners and see who you are most comfortable with before you sign any contracts.  Get references from people who they worked for, to enable you to make a decision. Once you choose a Wedding Planner from your list, you can sign a contract.  Get clarifications on issues such as:

  • Receipt of signed contract
  • Breakdown of the budget allocated for expenses
  • Updates and revisions in case of changes
  • How charges break down – hourly or percentage of cost
  • Deposit amount to book their services
  • Any service charges not included in the proposal
  • Refund or cancellation policies
  • Portfolio of work done

Now you are truly on way to planning a spectacular wedding and having a lot of fun as the stress of doing it alone does not weighing you down

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