Choose Shampoo

Buying a shampoo today is no simple matter.  There was a time when they were very few shampoo brands and almost all of them promised silky hair.  Today, that is no longer the case.  Not only have you to choose between innumerable shampoo brands, you also have to choose the right type of shampoo.

First of all, consider why a shampoo is used.  It was primarily used to clean the hair and scalp.  The shampoos we use today perform additional functions.  They strengthen hair, moisturize it, add volume to the hair, remove dandruff etc.  If your hair is rough, there is a shampoo to soften it.  If your hair is dry, there is a shampoo to overcome the dryness.  If your hair is damaged, there is a shampoo which takes special care of your hair.  And of course, if your hair is normal there is a shampoo for that too.

So when you choose shampoos, select those that suit your hair type as well as scalp type.

Oily Hair and Scalp

If your scalp produces excess oil making your hair look oily and limp, you may feel that you should wash your hair very often, probably even daily.  What you actually need to do is find the right shampoo.  Choose shampoo meant for oily hair. Using such a shampoo regularly will keep the scalp free of oil and your hair will stop looking oily.  Instead it will add volumes to your hair.  But if you use too much of the shampoo, your scalp will become excessively dry and result in producing more oil taking you back to square one.  So use the shampoo in moderation. Also, apply conditioner only to the hair and not to the scalp and rinse it thoroughly after a couple of minutes.

Dry Hair and Scalp

Those of you who have extremely dry hair and also a scalp which in addition to being dry is also itchy and even worse, flaky, then you need to choose shampoo meant for dry hair.  Generally shampoos meant for strengthening hair or for making it look voluminous, are not good for dry hair and scalp as they only increase the dryness.

So, know your hair/scalp type and buy an appropriate shampoo for healthy looking hair. Rightly choose shampoo and you can get rid of most of your hair worries.