Permanent Chin Hair Removal for Women

Permanent Chin Hair Removal for Women

Unwanted hair can appear at the most inconvenient places. A really troublesome location is on the chin. Although this is normal for men, it is absolutely undesirable in women. Fortunately, there are several methods from which one can choose for chin hair removal. Here, we take a look at five methods of chin hair removal.

Laser Chin Hair Removal

In Laser hair removal, a laser beam is directed on the region of hair growth. The result is that the roots of the follicles are destroyed. This puts an end to any further growth of hair in that region. This treatment has to be carried out during several sittings of up to six or eight sessions. Following the treatment, the skin should be protected from direct sunlight for some time. Overexposure to the direct rays of the sun can cause dark patches which are extremely difficult to get rid of. Once the treatment is completed, hair growth gets reduced and in some cases stopped permanently.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

This is similar to laser hair removal but in this case different wavelengths of light are used as against laser surgery where only a single wavelength is used. The variation in wavelength is believed to reduce chances of pigmentation and burns on the skin. Like laser surgery, this is also a permanent solution to hair growth.

Waxing Chin Hair Removal

This is a temporary fix but quite an effective one. The wax is warmed and applied to the hairy region with a spatula. Strips of fabric are then placed firmly on the wax and left for a few minutes for the wax to set. These strips are then removed and the unwanted hair also comes away with the fabric strips. Previously, the material was reusable but today, disposable fabric strips are available which is infinitely more convenient and hygienic.

Chin Hair Removal with Depilatory Cream

These creams are available readily at pharmacies and supermarkets. The cream is applied to the hair which softens and dissolves it. The hair just comes off when wiped. This is a convenient method as it can be done at home and does not need a professional. One should however be careful of skin sensitivities as depilatory creams can sometimes cause irritation.

Electrolysis Chin Hair Removal

Here, a fine needle is inserted to the base of the hair follicle and an electric current is passed through the needle. The electricity destroys the hair from the base of the follicle and it has fewer tendencies to grow back again.