Chili Rellenos Recipe

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Chili Rellenos
Preparation Time:
20 to 25 minutes.
Mexican Cuisine
Bowl, Large fryer or a deep pan, Knife, Serving plate, Paper towels
Skill Level:
Quick And Easy

Chili Rellenos Ingredients

  • Chiles (preferably fresh whole green but canned will do)
  •  4 to 6 egg whites 
  •  Salt, 
  • Cheese slices, 
  • Oil 
  • Dusting flour 

Preparation Method for Chili Rellenos Recipe

This dish is simple to make and one can start with removing the seeds and the white membrane found inside the chili. A knife can prove to be extremely useful in this case. One should take care that this is done via a slice from just under the stem to at least halfway down. 

The rest of the chili should remain intact. This is followed by stuffing the chili with a slice of cheese. One can use a lesser amount of cheese if a whole slice does not fit inside as one has to do is trim the slice and use it for another chili. Extreme care should be taken that the edges of the chili which should still close otherwise the filling of cheese might spill out. 

At this stage one can use a bit of flour to drain off excess moisture so that the batter clings to the chilies. The last step is to dip the chilies in to the batter and then fry them. 

These chilies should ideally be fried till they are crisp and golden brown in color. One can create the batter by beating the egg whites until the eggs are stiff and then fold in the yolks while adding salt according to taste. It is advisable to drain the excess oil by serving this dish on paper towels.