Gains of Periodic Multivitamin Supplement for Children

Majority of parents assume their children are not eating healthy and they stuff their children with multivitamins. This poses a serious concern as if they are in children's reach they may eat excess of it without you knowing it. Since several children's multivitamins are consolidated with iron it could lead to an overdose.

When to Give Children Multivitamins

Generic multivitamins are common if you think your child require it but make sure that your children grab most of their vitamins through their diets. If you child requires special needs like incapable of drinking milk or eat dairy food or allergic to it then they may need to get the calcium from other sources.


Tips on Giving Vitamins to Children

There are certain thumb rules while giving multivitamins to your children which you must keep a track of. These rules include:

  • Before you stuff your children with vitamins know that there are adverse opinions regarding vitamins for children. One sect of thought is that children should be given vitamins with iron. Yet another school of thought indicates under no situation vitamins with iron be offer to children. Always count on your doctor on this.

  • Excess of iron in the blood may lead to a disease called Hemochromatosis. In this the body is not able to use the iron and it is not even drained out of the body easily. It is a fatal disease and can lead to serious health issues and even death.

  • Calcium is very necessary part of your child's diet to enable them construct strong bones and muscles. Children who consume ice cream, cheese, and yogurt or who drink milk generally get sufficient calcium through their diets. It is simple for these children to get what they require by offering them calcium-fortified juices, vitamins and cereals.

  • Most children sufficient fluoride from drinking fluoride based water and/or toothpaste. Do not stuff your child fluoride supplements without asking from your child's doctor. Excess of fluoride can permanently stain the teeth of your child.

  • Infant multivitamins are majority of time available in liquid form and available with an eyedropper. It may contain vitamins A, C, and D. It may also have added iron along with other vitamins and minerals like riboflavin, thiamin, and vitamin B-12.

  • Children's multivitamins are also available in the form of chewable pills and in the shapes of cartoon characters or animals. Now-a-days they are also available in gummi candy form and gumballs. Keep an eye on your child when they are consuming vitamin. Vitamins for children could be fine however excess of it can be fatal. It should be within their reach.

  • Your child may not eat frequently what is healthy and required and giving him vitamins may compensate some of that, nonetheless, it is suggested to be on the side of caution and consult with the pediatrician prior to making any adjustments to your child's diet.

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