Child Care Assistance

Child Care Assistance Job

Child care assistance is the job profile of assistants who provide care for children either in a day care centre or a child development center. They assist the teacher or the trainer in work. They are responsible for planning and supervising activities for children at these centers.

Some of the child care assistance activities undertaken by the assistants are:


Assistants provide child care assistance by taking care of the basic needs of the children who are entrusted to them. Nurturing activities involve feeding and dressing them, putting them to sleep, helping maintain their hygiene etc. For children below the pre-school age, they offer extended support by changing their diapers, preparing their meals, sponging and bathing them as and when required. They take care of their emotional needs as well.


The assistant provides support to the teacher in child development activities such as preparing teaching-aids and getting the class ready for an activity. She helps out in grading papers and handing out materials during the class or activity. She helps children understand and follow the instructions provided by the teacher during the session.

Interactions and Discussions

The assistant also helps in preparing and maintaining reports and records of the children for discussion with parents from time to time. She acts as the interface between the teacher and the parent regarding the progress of the child. Provide inputs in charting remedial actions for problem areas.


Assistants supervise the children during play-time to safe guard them from accidents or mishaps. They make sure that the children are well within the boundaries of the centre and keep a watchful eye on the adventurous kind. In case of a problem their services are required to handle the situation with calm as well as informing the superior on the happenstance.

Administration Activities

In addition to all taking care of the children, child care assistance also involves taking care of the centre’s equipments and supplies. Thus child care assistants also double up for facilities and inventory management. They also lend their hand in the day-to-day maintenance activities for the centre. They might be required to help keep the place clean and tidy as and when required. They might be required to take care of some clerical jobs such as marinating attendance registers and accounts of the centre.