Chilaquiles Recipe

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Preparation Time:
20 to 25 minutes
Mexican Cuisine
Frying pan, Large bowl or a deep dish to serve the dish in
Skill Level:
Quick And Easy

Chilaquiles Ingredients

  •  2 cups of tortilla chips,
  •  2 cups of green chili sauce  
  •  A cup of shredded white cheese (queso quesadilla or even mozzarella) 
  • Oil. 

Preparation Method for Chilaquiles Recipe

To begin with, one has to lightly coat a frying pan with oil and place the pan on medium heat. One can then add the tortilla chips to the pan followed by the sauce. 

After adding the sauce one has to lower the heat and keep the pan on a low flame. The idea is to let the chips simmer in the sauce for a while until the chips have become a bit soft. 

One can then plate the chips and the sauce in a large bowl or a deep dish and cover it with loads of cheese. It is essential to sprinkle the cheese on top while the mixture is hot as this leads to the cheese melting and forming a beautiful cover while infusing flavor to the chips and sauce. 

Preparation Time

20 to 25 minutes. This dish might take a bit longer if a variety of ingredients like shredded meat is used.


Skill Level

This is an easy meal to prepare and an amateur can cook it with as much ease as a professional can.



Chilaquiles can be eaten for dinner. They can also be consumed as pre-dinner snack or as a breakfast meal.