Chicken Pox Home Remedies

A virus called varicella-zoster causes chicken pox and the disease is highly contagious. Mostly it is seen in children but adults can be infected by this virus too. Varicella vaccine has played a major role in decreasing the spread of this disease. Still some cases are found mostly during late winter and early spring. As chicken pox rash is quite painful, you can try out few chicken pox home remedies to help the patient get some relief. 

Chicken pox causes skin rashes, blisters on any part of the body. Chicken pox is spread to people through airborne particles that are inhaled, sharing of used clothes and through the fluid inside the chicken pox blisters. At the initial stage, the scars look like pimples or insect bites. Later they take the shape of the blisters filled with fluid. After the blister breaks, the outer layer becomes a dry scab. Pregnant women should be more careful and they should not come near the person suffering from chicken pox. Otherwise it may affect the baby. 

Symptoms of Chicken Pox

  • Fever 

  • Tiredness

  • Blisters

  • Itching and

  • Loss of appetite

Following are Few of the Chicken Pox Home Remedies

  • To control the itching of the chicken pox rashes take two table spoons each of marigold flower petals with witch hazel leaves. Marinate them for around twelve hours in a cup of water and apply that water on the blisters.

  • One of the simplest chicken pox home remedies are, add a piece of ginger to a tub full of water. Tell the person suffering from chicken pox to sit inside that bath tub for around half an hour. After doing this, the itching sensation will be less.

  • Add half a tablespoon of baking soda to a glass of water. Sponge the patient smoothly with that water. Let the mixture dry in the body itself. It gives relaxation from the itching. 

  •  To get relief from the fever during chicken pox, give Catnip tea sweetened with molasses to drink to the patient.

  • Gently apply pure and natural honey on the dried scabs. This will prevent scarring and lighten the scars.

  • Use vitamin E oil to get rid of scars quickly.

  • Add half cup of brown vinegar to warm bath water. Make the patient to have bath in that water. This will certainly give relaxation from the skin irritation and heal the lesion.

  • Prepare a soup with 100 gms of carrots and 60 gms of fresh coriander. Cut them into small pieces and boil for few minutes. Discard the residue and take the soup once in a day.

  • Herbal tea prepared by using any of the herbs like chamomile, basil, marigold and lemon balm is really helpful. The patient should take a sip of the tea slowly a number times in a day.

  • Cook two cups of oatmeal in two liters of water for about 20 minutes. Keep that mixture inside a cotton bag. Make a poultice and swoosh that till the bathwater becomes turbid. But make sure that the bag is not torn. The water has to flow over the scalds and the pouch should remain inside the bathtub. 

  • The water in which fresh green peas are cooked can be used to get relief from skin irritation. 

  • Ayurvedic herbs like turmeric, neem, babool, patola and vata are helpful in treating skin disorders. A single herb or a combination of these herbs can be used as a home remedy for chicken pox.