Hair Removal Solutions for Chest

Grooming chest hair is preferred by most men because it helps them achieve a cleaner look. Chest hair removal is one of the options that men follow in this direction.

Reasons for Chest Hair Removal are:

  • To look good when frequenting public showers, swimming pools and beaches.
  • Personal hygiene and discomfort in hot weathers.
  • Athletes, body builders and swimmers have to sport a clean chest for professional reasons.

Solutions for Chest Hair Removal:


The most easy and affordable way of chest hair removal is to use your shaving kit. Electric shavers are the best and give instant results. Of course, this is temporary and has to be repeated as often as required. Manual and wet razors and trimmers can also be used.


Electric devices with results resembling that of waxing, epilators use small rolling clasps that hold onto hair and pull them out from the roots. The process can be painful and hence first time users go for waxing followed by regular maintenance with epilators.


The most effective way of removing chest hair, waxing uses cold or hot wax to remove the hair from its root. However, this is very painful for those who are not used to it especially for those with thick hair growth. The effects are temporary lasting for 4 to 6 weeks.


Thioglycolate is a chemical used as a depilatory which reacts with the bonds of the hair follicle and weakens them. The hair is dislodged from its root and wipes out clean within 10 minutes of application. This is a painless method of chest hair removal and the effect lasts for up to 4 weeks.


One of the permanent methods for chest hair removal, electrolysis involves using micro needles to probe the hair follicle and burn it with micro shocks. It is time consuming but very effective.


Quick and effective, laser light is used to destroy the pigment producing structure of the hair. This is expensive and not as effective as electrolysis.