Cherub Garden Fountains

Cherub Garden Fountains

Decorative Cherub Garden Fountains

Cherub garden fountains are very popular and can be found worldwide. It is found in some of the most fascinating and well maintained gardens ever built. The cherubs beckon the tired traveler ever deeper into the gardens with the soothing sound of trickling water. For the home garden, as in the mesmerizing historic gardens of the past, cherub fountains incorporate beauty and tranquility.

Representation of Wisdom

A cherub is the manifestation of knowledge and heavenly trait. It has been a favorite subject of sculptors and artists for centuries, getting immensely popular during the Renaissance, and after this again in Victorian times. The actual feature that comes in mind when we think of cherubim is chubby faced angels which are actually putti from the art of the Italian Renaissance.

History of Cherub Garden Fountains

Italy has been the birthplace of putti fountain which was built in Italy in the 1400s. Personalities like Michelangelo and DaVinci built the cherubim of the Bible into a popular design element. The name of these child-angels spread all over Europe. Traditions and communities soon collided as fountain fundamental of cherubim was based on Greek mythological heroes in formal palatial gardens, as well as on big country estates.

Appropriate Fountain Placement

Developing the planning of a garden is the initial step for placing any garden fountain. It is imperative to place the fountain accurately; otherwise, the garden can have a scattered and messy appearance. The fountain can be placed in the centre in a formal garden. In a cottage garden, the decoration should be done using variety of old-fashioned flowers.

Appropriate Themes

Gardens are usually developed based on some specific theme which is a great way to feature these garden decoration concepts. The following are a few of the themes cherub fountains would match with:

•    Cottage Garden
•    Formal Design Garden
•    Victorian Garden
•    Rose Garden
•    Prayer Garden
•    Butterfly Garden

A Tincture of Romance

Romantic, cherub garden fountains can offer specific and genuine interest in almost any garden theme. Depending on the positioning, the flowers, and other vegetations and plants used, the environment could be from a place for meditative prayer to moonlit romance.

Perfect flowers for a romantic theme should be old fashioned and fragrant:

•    Roses
•    Hollyhocks
•    Iris
•    Ivy
•    Peonies

Specifically, if you wish to facilitate the garden for moonlight walks and relaxations, incorporate silver foliage like Dusty Miller. White heirloom roses will add fragrance along with looking fabulous in the moonlight.
Where to Get Cherub Fountains

The Cherub fountains have become so popular that it is quite easily accessible:

•    Home improvement centers
•    Recycling the Past
•    Nurseries
•    Garden Salvage
•    Architectural salvage
•    eBay
•    Flea markets

Barbetta Garden – A Unique Example of Cherub Garden

The Barbetta Garden is an excellent example of facilitation of Cherubim in the garden. Barbetta garden is a magnificent garden based in New York. It is extremely popular place for dinning in the summer seasons. The beautiful putti fountain incorporates the soothing sound of trickling water, while the eyes get appeasement viewing plethora of 100 years old trees, fragrant flowers, and the romantic, formal architecture of the space. The garden, adjacent to the Barbetta Restaurant, is open for special occasions as well.

How to Make Your Own Fountain

You can also make your own cherub fountain. This can be done by buying a pump and some accessories which can be found at Lowes, Home Depot, or other home improvement centers, you can style, design, craft and build the fountain of your dream.

Maintenance of your Fountain

All concrete and cast stones are vulnerable and prone to cracking if it freezes. It is necessary if you stay in an area where the weather freezes, to empty the fountain during the periods of very cold weather and safeguard the pump by retaining it inside your house for the winter. If the temperature goes below 20F then you must cover the surface entirely with a good fountain cover.

During the summer clear the debris. You can put little white vinegar to the water to eliminate algae, but don’t forget that birds and other wildlife may be facilitating the fountain as a source of water.


Taking best care of your cherub fountain will offer it tip-top shape and a source of refreshment and joy, for years to come