The Methods of Hair Removal on Cheeks

There are numerous ways of cheeks hair removal. As all the methods may not be suitable for everyone, it is advisable to find the most suitable method through trial and error. In this section we take a look at the different types of cheeks hair removal. A viable alternative to cheeks hair removal in the case of light hair growth is bleaching. Although this does not involve hair removal, the hair will become less visible. Here are some of the different types of cheeks hair removal:

Hair Removal Plucking Machine

This method is useful if the hair growth is sparse. If there are only a few strands, then they can be simply plucked out using tweezers and the process is known as tweezing. It is a simple procedure – simply hold the hair firmly at its base with the tweezers and give it a sharp tug to pluck it out by the root.

Tips on How to make Waxing Less Painful

This is done by using hot or cold wax. Wax is smeared uniformly on the area of the cheek which has hair in a thin layer. An adhesive strip is placed on the wax and allowed to stay for a few minutes until the wax sets. The strip is then pulled off in a sharp and smooth motion. You can use this method in the case of heavier hair growth.

Depilatories Hair Removal

This is also a neat way of getting rid of facial hair from the cheeks. A depilatory is a chemical substance, which dissolves the hair and makes it possible to wipe off the softened follicles. A word of caution here; be careful if you have a sensitive skin and make sure that the depilatory which you use can be used on cheeks. This information can be found on the label or the accompanying literature. In case of doubt you can consult a dermatologist.

Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal

These procedures have to be done professionally. For cheeks hair removal through electrolysis or laser, you need to see a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Electrolysis involves passing electricity through a needle pierced at the root of the follicle which kills it. In laser hair removal, laser energy is directed at the base of the follicle which results in the destruction of the root. The above two procedures tend to remove hair permanently on cheek. However, the procedure is carried out over several sittings. Although these two techniques are by far the most expensive, in the long run they are the most worthwhile methods as the hair removal is permanent, so further hair removal is not required, thus making it a good investment.