How Chaldean Numerology Works What Do The Numbers Mean?

How Chaldean Numerology Works What Do The Numbers Mean?

Very few people would have heard about Chaldean Numerology. The word ‘Chaldean’ is actually a name of an empire that is near the Persian Gulf. Chaldean Numerology is another variation of numerology that was practiced during the ancient times. This numerology is on the vibrations of certain numbers that are 1 through 9. In Chaldean numerology, the number 9 is considered to be holy. Sometimes the number 9 was used to add the letter vibrations in names to give the result 9.

How Chaldean Numerology Works

In Chaldean, every letter is given a different numerical value that is between 1 and 8. Say for example:

1- A,J,Y

2- B, K,R

3- C,L,S

4- D, M,T

5- E, H, N

6- F, O

7- Z, Q

8- P, G

In Chaldean numerology, one can get the reading of the name which is known as name numerology. Every number in the Chaldean numerology gives out a different vibration. The interpretation of these is focused on.

For a girl’s name say Sandy, one can follow the above chart. With the above chart one can calculate the value like, S is 3, A is1, N is 5, D is 4 and Y is 1. Add all these numbers together and the total come up to number 14. This number is the inner strength that influences Sandy. The number 14 has to then be added and you get 5. This number 5 shows what Sandy is like on the outside. Therefore, this is how Chaldean numerology is calculated.

What Do The Numbers Mean

There have been a number of interpretations about these numbers, while every single digit number would mean something.

0- In this number, the actual capacity is not to be seen, it’s the entire thing or nothing at all.

1- This number is powerful and symbolizes leadership qualities and independent.

2- It symbioses unity, flexibility and balance.

3- A very creative person and symbolizes a performer.

4- Very dedicated and focused to work. Organized in nature.

5- It symbolizes freedom, and focuses on traveling and being resourceful.

6- Very responsible and a teacher

7- Spiritual by nature, curious and intelligent.

8- Driven by money, focused towards a goal and strong.

How Is The Chaldean Method Different From Others

There is a difference between the Chaldean numerology and other versions of numerology. In the Chaldean method there are no numbers that are assigned up to the number 9. The believers think that in Chaldean culture, it’s being very spiritual, the numbers disappear. Any letter that is associated to this number would not favor the person.

Many people are attracted to numerology, but people do not know how to use it. Chaldean numerology came up so that people from the society could adapt themselves to different vibrations of life. It should affect the inside and outside of the soul of a person. When you use Chaldean numbers, make sure you give importance to this to make it work for your betterment.

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