What is Cesarean Section

Caesarean Section

Caesarean Section is also known as C-section and Caesar, is procedure which involves either one or more incisions made through the pregnant woman’s abdomen and uterus. This surgical procedure is done to deliver one or more babies or remove a dead fetus.

An abortion which is done late using Caesarean section procedure is known as hysterotomy abortion and is performed rarely.

A Caesarean section is done when the mother is not able to deliver from the vagina, hence making it risky for the baby and the mother. Now, many expectant mothers prefer the Caesarean section rather than natural birth. The rate has gone up to 25% in Asian countries, USA, Lating America and 46% in China.

History of Caesarean Section 

According to the past history, Bindusara who was the second Mauryan King of India was the first child born by surgery. Therefore, the wife of Chandragupta Maurya accidentially had poison and died and to protect the baby, Chanakya cut the belly of the queen and saved the baby.

As per the Romans, the word Caesarean section came from Julius Caesar. There are many theories about Caesarean section. It was a theory of the past that women never survived during a Caesarean section, but in Roman times, women very often survived this surgery.

During the 19th century, Caesarean section was performed by European travelers in the Great lake region of Africa. The pregnant woman was given alcohol and was anesthetized and an herbal mixture was given for faster healing. The first Caesarean section was performed in America in 1794. The surgery was done by Dr. Jesse Bennett on his wife.

Purpose of Caesarean Section

The main purpose of performing Caesarean section is to save the mother and the baby. It depends on how serious the case is and how the Caesarean section has to be performed.

Types of Caesarean Section

There are many types of Caesarean sections that are performed. The only difference is the type of incision that is made on the uterus.

The classical Caesarean Section- In this a longitudinal incision is made in the midline which gives enough space for the baby’s delivery. This surgery is not performed regularly as it leads to complications.

The lower uterine segment section- It is a procedure which is used these days and a transverse cut that is made above the edge of the bladder. This procedure does not involve much of blood loss.

An emergency Caesarean section- This surgery is performed when the mother is in labor.

A crash Caesarean section- This surgery is performed when the case is serious. When pregnancy gets complicated during the labor, doctors have to perform a serious action to prevent the mother and the child from death.

A Caesarean hysteretomy is Caesarean section in which the uterus is removed. This is usually done when there is excess of bleeding or when the placenta is inseparable from the uterus.

A repeat Caesarean section is done when a person had undergone a Caesarean section earlier and it is done on the earlier scar.

Other type of Caesarean section is Porro Caesarean section or extraperitoneal Caesarean Section.

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