Cesarean Section Process

Minimum Requirements for Caesarean Section

The minimum requirements of a Caesarean section are that before you go into the operation theater, you will have to change your clothes. A special dress will be given to you and then you’ll need a general anesthesia in your lower part of your body which will make that portion numb.

The nurses in charge will make arrangements for the equipments for performing the surgery. Your partner may be allowed while the operation is going on.

Preparation for Caesarean Section

There are a few ways by which a woman can prepare herself mentally for a Caesarean section. She can openly discuss her fears, misconceptions,questions, or issues with her doctor prior to undergoing Caesaren surgery. In a Caesarean section, there is a certain procedure that needs to be followed, which is not required in a normal delivery.

The type of anesthetic that is used is important to know and this should be discussed with the doctor as well. In order to monitor the birth of the baby, it is important for the mother to have consciousness while giving  birth to the child.  Depending on the situation, this decision can be changed also.

Process of Caesarean Section

All that you need to do is remain calm and wait for the arrival of your baby. When  the procedure happens to be emergency in nature, then your doctor will ask you to sign in a consent form. After the formalities are done, you will be taken to the operation theater.

After this, a general anesthetic is given to numb the lower half of your body. Then a catheter is inserted inside your bladder for it to drain. You will also have an IV in your arm which will keep you energized.

The nurse will put a screen so that you will not be able to view the C section when Caesarean is being performed. A horizontal cut is made above the pubic bone. This cut is known as a bikini cut and has less chances of risk and then a vertical cut is made. Then a second cut is made in the uterus and then the baby is taken out. The doctor gently brings out the baby and then the placenta is removed.

The entire process of C section may take 25-30 minutes which again depends on how complicated the process is. After this, the new born baby and you will be monitored for about 3 hours and then are taken in to the maternity ward.

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