Cervical Biopsy Preparation

Cervical Biopsy Requirements

The following are some of the minimum requirements of Cervical Biopsy

  • Sufficient visualization

  • Complete transition zone observation

  • Abnormal areas seen wholly

  • Endocervical canal free of Dysplasia

Preparation for Cervical Biopsy

While preparing for cervical biopsy, a woman should follow the guidelines mentioned below:

  • She should not engage herself in sexual relationship for at least two days before the biopsy as it may lead to fatal consequences.

  • The patient’s bladder should be emptied.

Process of Cervical Biopsy

Once the patient is ready for Cervical Biopsy, she is told to lie on back with feet in the stirrups. A tool, normally used during pelvic tests to hold the birth canal open to inspect the inner part of the cervix, is inserted into the vagina and opened a little to have a clear look of the cervix.

A colposcope is used to view the area, the magnified view of the surface vagina, and cervix is then verified. The cervix is cleaned with vinegar solution to take the mucus away. It helps in highlighting the anomalous areas. The colposcope is placed at the vaginal cavity and the examination starts. Photographs taken during the observation help in detecting the cancerous tissues better.

If any type of abnormality is found inside, a sample is taken out with the  help of biopsy forceps or a large needle. Collection of more than one sample is more helpful in detecting the cancerous and precancerous cells. After completion of the process, all the apparatuses are detached.

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