Celebrity Make Up

Celebrity Make Up

Celebrity Make up – Introduction

Celebrity; whenever we hear this word we think of a person who has great personality and is very famous in society or culture and is recognized by all. In general terms it is said that celebrity is someone who gets media attention and has an extroverted personality. These people are so well known by the common public that at times when their obsession turns these celebrities get into and they actually start following them and their fashion, their style. In short we can say everything about a celebrity. 

The cult of celebrity in common language termed as the particular style & fashion (or the way the celebrity presents itself); is famous among the individuals and at times becomes a prominent social phenomenon. The public gets fascinated with the celebrities not technically but in all the others ways. Be it makeup, clothes, other accessories etc. 

Can anyone ever make out that how come celebrity makeup looks so natural and turns out be fabulous? It really never mattered as to what is the current makeup trends are or whether it seems to be a natural and regular everyday look or specifically done for a glamorous red carpet affair. The makeup of the Celebrity’s has been always flawless and very attractive and charming. Can anyone tell the secrets of how the celebrity makeup looks so different and attractive? Has anyone ever wondered that how come celebrity looks so wonderful, fabulous and great on their everyday look? While searching for the same you need to consider the style and fashion terms well and also get to know some tricks from the world of fashion.  

Celebrity Makeup – Tips

There are many tips and techniques that celebrities always use for their great and fabulous makeup looks. There are also some secret applications for makeup that helps the celebrities to create a perfect look on their face, lips, blush, foundation, concealers, eyebrows, and eyes. To achieve that look of celebrity for yourself you really need to learn some great tips from their makeup artist so that you can present yourself equally gorgeous and attractive. The initial trick starts by putting on some eye shadow primer on the eyes or the eyelids so that when later we apply the eye shadow it holds on with the help of primer. The colour of the eye shadow should be selected in variations such as dark, medium and light. So that the shape of eye will be more emphasized and stand out. 

Next we turn toward the eyelashes; there we find more secrets to be revealed from the celebrity sides. One of these secret is the curling of the eyelashes to maximize the curl and length, after this dust the eyelashes with some kind of powder to make it look thick. This is generally done after applying mascara. The makeup artists of the celebrities always applies two coats of mascara on eyelashes; first one for lengthening and separating of the eyelashes and the second one to make it thicker. In some cases the celebrity may use false eyelashes for the better look. After eyelashes the next thing we look upon is eyebrows. They are said to be the dramatic celebrity makeup looks as shape enhancement is required in this to make the looks of celebrity better and very much appealing. Many makeup artists use tweezers from popular brands that can ehnagce the shape of the eyebrows of the celebrity as this adds up to the glamour. They also use different eye colour pencils to give feathery strokes on eye brows. 

Concealers are considered to be the best in covering the blemishes and are used even before the application of foundations. It is said to be one of the best secrets for the perfect celebrity makeup look. It is generally applied in thin layers and then after this foundation is applied with the help of a sponge to give the natural look to it. Celebrities also use a foundation primer that is generally worn between the foundation and moisturizer. For blushes, gels are considered to be the best one and for lipstick; lip plumping products are considered and declared to be the best one amongst all the makeup artists of celebrities. 

One simple basic tip that all celebrity swear by is to exfoliate; this means that whether you plan or not to wear foundation, having a smooth, soft and moist skin not only enhances your appearance to look more gorgeous and glamorous but also it gives a natural dewy look. After cleaning your skin and removing the makeup and before applying any kind of moisturiser make sure you exfoliate; it helps you in removing dead skin cells and also reduces the appearance of fine lines and age spots.  

There are few celebrity makeup looks that undoubtedly has its own style and thus becomes a trend for others. On the other side we have never seen any stars without makeup; however some can pull it off and can look more beautiful in their natural way.