Celebrity Looks- Tips to Look Stylish

Celebrity Looks- Tips to Look Stylish


Celebrities spend a lot of time on their looks and look very attractive. That draws many people to want to imitate what they do so they may look just as pretty or beautiful. Some of the most popular celebrity looks are:

●     Charlize Theron

●     Scarlett Johansson

●     Mischa Barton

●     Kate Hudson

●     Natalie Portman

What’s important to remember is that celebrities have a lot of time and money to spend on the right make up. Besides their make up is almost always done by a professional. Therefore one must not get disappointed while trying to look like a celebrity. You need to be realistic about what you are trying to achieve.

The first step is in trying to figure out which celebrity you resemble the most, and then figuring out which of their looks you want to emulate. You need to be self critical while doing this, or you could end up with a make up disaster on your face.

Charlize Theron’s Make Up Style

Charlize Theron’s make up style is very subdued. She is a very tall woman with very pleasant features. She doesn’t need to do much to accentuate her beauty. She uses many nude tones that just highlight her existing features. She uses a basic mascara and some nude lip gloss. Apart from this, she plays up with her hair and frames her face well.

Scarlett Johansson’s Make Up Style

Scarlett Johansson’s Make Up Style is much more dramatic. She has naturally thick and luscious lips. That allows for her to use bold colors on her lips to draw attention there. She is a short woman and definitely more well rounded than Charlize Theron. Therefore, when she uses bold colors and wears them confidently, she gives off a very strong air of confidence, despite the height difference.

Mischa Barton’s Make Up Style

Mischa Barton shot to fame with the OC. However her make up off the screen is of much more interest to people. She focuses on using the right color and shade of liquid foundation. Then, she plays up with a brush to give the feeling that the blood is naturally rushing to her cheeks. She also uses a light but strongly noticeable blush and that gives her a look of good health.

Kate Hudson’s Make Up Style

Kate Hudson’s Make Up Style focuses on her eyes. Her eyes are always glowing. They are clearly her best feature and she has no issues with highlighting them over any other feature on her face. She is pretty pale and so it isn’t advisable for her to get dramatic with her eye shadow colors. What she does do is use a bit of white eyeliner in the lower inner corner of the eyes, and that gives it a solid glow.

Natalie Portman’s Make Up Style

Natalie Portman’s Make Up Style is distinct. She has thicker brows than most actresses. So her focus is on taming and maintaining those eye brows. She also uses some color to fill in the brows and make them look more natural.