Celebrity Engagement Rings Sparkling Styles & Gems

Why the interest?

Celebrities are just like us – they also fall in love, get engaged and married to lead normal lives.  Where they differ is their lifestyles and incomes.  Nowhere is this more obvious than in the jewelry they buy for their girlfriends.  People are interested in this topic as this is a showcase of beautiful designs in jewelry and masterpieces created by famous jewelry designers. 

Celebrity engagement rings

are known for their uniqueness – not only for the stone but also for the price that the ring commands.  Recent newsworthy purchases have been Reese Witherspoon’s 4- carat Ashoka diamond ring, bought for her fiancé – Jim Toth. 

Size of stone

Among the most unusual celebrity engagement rings are the one Mariah Carey got from her fiancé is the 17 carat emerald cut diamond ring by the designer, Jacob.  It is one kind of ring with big pink diamond center stone and has many other small pink diamonds in the setting.
Just one word describes the ring – spectacular!


Beyonce Knowles got the most spectacular engagement ring from her fiancé Jay-Z – an 18 carat emerald cut Lorraine Schwartz designer ring set in platinum. The ring is estimated to be of more than $ 5 million.  It is easily one of the most spectacular engagement rings that have been sold in a long time.

Color of stone

Actress Rebecca Romijn’s engagement ring was unusual because of the color – the ring has got a yellow six carat diamond from her fiancé, now husband, Jerry O’Connell. 

Family Heirlooms

One of the most famous celebrity engagements in the recent past is that of Prince William and Kate Middleton. For their engagement he presented his mother’s ring, an 18 carat oval sapphire ring.  It is set in gold and is surrounded by 14 small diamonds, a classic made by Jeweler, Garrand. 

Other celebrity engagement rings that have made headlines are Kate Hudson’s more modest 9-carat emerald cut diamond accented with baguettes that was presented to her by Matthew Bellamy.  Tom Cruise had the most romantic venue of all – the Eiffel Tower.  He gave Katie Holmes an oval, 5 carat Edwardian style ring set in rose gold and platinum.  Tennis player Andy Roddick proposed to his fiancé Brooklyn Decker with a solitaire diamond engagement ring from Tiffany’s. 

Since they are all wealthy the celebrities patronize designer stores mostly and are able to afford money to buy. And we get to see all the unusual and beautiful designs that come out every year. 

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