Cayenne Herbal Supplement

Cayenne Supplement Info

Cayenne is an herb that triggers circulation and expedite healing capability of the body. The primary ingredient of this pepper is the capsaicin which is responsible for making the pepper spicier and hot.

Benefits of Cayenne Supplement

Some prominent health benefits of cayenne could include:

  • The health benefits of cayenne pepper spans from helping with simple digestion trouble, preventing heart disease and cutting down chronic pain.

  • Ingesting cayenne tea can protect from heart attack in its tracks.

  • Cayenne enhances the hydrochloric acid secretion that leads to digestion of proteins and other foods.

  • Cayenne also help in the flushing out of waste materials and people who experience intestinal disorder should take this herb after taking advice of a physician.

  • Cayenne is also beneficial to shed extra weight and it is available in the form of pills or powder and also in the form of dried peppers.

  • It also offers quick relief from several kind of chronic pain due to arthritis. Cayenne’s primary ingredient, capsaicin, is incorporated in many arthritis and muscle pain ointments and the heat assists alleviating pain caused by overexertion and arthritis. It can take up to two weeks to get some benefits when applied regularly.

  • Products having Cayenne pepper can be facilitated to treat bursitis, herpes zoster, and nerve pain. People suffering from psoriasis skin can use topical cream having cayenne which can cut down itching to a certain extent.

  • In some cases, it can also cease hemorrhage and heart attacks to some extent.

  • Chronic headache can also be treated using cayenne to get immediate relief from severe headache and discomfort.

  • Cayenne also ceases bleeding in case of internal hemorrhages in the uterus, nose, lungs, and abdomen.

Side Effects of Cayenne Supplement

Some side effects in the application of cayenne are possible which may include:

Gastrointestinal Side Effects: It may lead to stomach irritation in some people, according to Individuals with irritable bowel syndrome or any other intestinal ulcers should first take advice of physician prior to taking it.

Moisture: The body may produce extra moisture as a side effect. You can experience sweating, watery eyes, flushing, or a runny nose.

Allergic Reaction: You may also experience an allergic reaction to cayenne pepper. It is more frequent in people allergic to bananas, avocados, chestnuts, and latex. Signs may include trouble in breathing, stiffness in the throat or chest, chest pain, skin rash, and itchy or swollen skin.

Kidney and Liver Issues: Ingestion of excessive capsaicin can lead to kidney and liver damage also.

Doses of Cayenne Supplement

Cayenne is found in capsule and syrup for internal use. Capsaicin cream can be applied directly to the affected area three to four times for two to four weeks. Capsules of 30 to 120 mg can be taken thrice regularly.