Cat's Claw Herbal Supplement

Cat's Claw Supplement Info

A tropical vine found in Asia and the Amazon rainforest, Cat’s Claw gets its name from the tiny claw-shaped thorns at the base of the leaf. It enables the vine to scale to a height of 100 feet, by attaching itself around trees. It is also known as the "Sacred Herb of the Rain Forest". Liquid extracts, capsules, and teas are made from the inner bark of Cat's Caw.

Benefits of Cat's Claw Supplement

Cat’s claw has valuable medicinal resources like alkaloids for boosting the body's immune system. It generates anti-hypertensive effects and reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack. It keeps cholesterol in check and lowers blood pressure. Cat’s Claw has been recommended for health conditions like viral infections such as Herpes, HIV, Cancer, and Arthritis.

The National Institute on Aging pointed to new avenues for research in the treatment of Alzheimer’s. The ongoing research shows that Cat’s Claw may affect the brain in a positive way.

Other components of Cat’s Claw have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anticancer properties. To increase absorption and bioavailability, Cat’s Claw is combined with herbs and natural products.

Side Effects of Cat's Claw Supplement

  • Individuals with skin grafts or tuberculosis or receiving organ transplants must avoid Cat's Claw.

  • It is not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding women, or any woman trying to conceive.

  • Children under the age of two should not be administered cat's claw.

  • Cat’s claw is likely to interfere with controlling blood pressure during or after surgery.

  • Combined with hormonal drugs, insulin, and vaccines, it could prove fatal.

  • Headaches, dizziness, and vomiting are the rare side effects of Cat’s Claw.

Recommended Dosage for Cat's Claw Supplement

  • One cup of Tea made by boiling the root bark of cat's claw is recommended three times a day.

  • Daily dosage of dry, encapsulated extracts of 20 to 60 mg  can be taken.