Casein Protein Supplement and Its Effects

Casein is often called as milk protein and is the best weight gaining supplement. Casein protein powder is mainly the dehydrated, supplemental type of casein. Caseins are basically phosphorus –enclosing proteins and cow's milk comprises of 80 percent of casein protein and human milk encompasses 60 to 65% of it. Casein as a powder could be used to put together workout protein shakes and it is available in variety of flavors.

Bodybuilders mainly use casein protein. It is used in bodybuilding due to its anti-catabolic effect, which means that casein intake restrains protein breakdown in the body.

Benefits of Casein Supplement

  • Helps build muscle mass

Casein helps in building muscle mass and is also helpful in gaining weight.

  • Speeds up muscle recovery time

Daily intake of Casein before workout speeds up muscle recovery time.

  • Greater Muscle Retention

It is a best supplement for greater muscle retention.

  • Greater Fat Loss

It helps in superior fat loss.

  • Helps Protect Against Colon Cancer

The most important benefit of casein is to protect against colon cancer. This proves the another important reason of adding casein in your diet

  • Higher Quality Of Protein

Casein is a content of milk. Thus, it has rich protein content. This protein content is of high quality and benefits in gaining weight.

  • Helps to increase energy

It is clinically proven that casein serves as a stimulant for increasing energy.

  • Improved stamina

Casein helps to built stamina. It takes proper care of the strength of bodybuilders.

Side Effects of Casein Supplement

The side effects include rashes, bloating, hives, stomach aches and cramps, gastro-intestinal discomfort and anaphylactic reactions. Consumption of casein can cause several allergic reactions ranging from mild to severe. A person could either instantly react to casein, symptoms could be noticed within minutes of consuming it or late reactions with symptoms not visible for even week of consuming casein.

Dosage of Casein Supplement

It is suggested to take casein before bed, as a slow-digesting source of protein. You should consume sufficient dosage to make certain that you've consumed an adequate amount of protein per day as per your objective of nearly 1 to 1.5 gms protein per pound of body mass.

Casein protein consumption before going to bed normally permits users to get up without feeling hungry. However, excess dosage can cause severe allergy, so it is recommended to take as prescribed.