Capricorn and Leo Compatibility

The union of Capricorn and Leo is bit difficult as the personality traits of the two is said to be completely different. They are complete opposite to each other and do not have anything in similar. While Leo lives its life to the fullest and wants to be the part of social group all the time whereas Capricorn is cautious for almost everything and they are detached in nature. Capri’s are very conservative in nature and they restrict almost everything done by the partner also they plan up even for a minute happening in the life. While on the hand Leo’s hardly lives the life by rules and plans, they are extravagant in nature which irritates Capri’s the most.

The difference between the two makes a huge and wide gap in their relationship which affects the compatibility chart too. The fun loving and adventurous nature of Leo is a complete contrast to the careful and cautious manner of Capricorn. The only thing that is common in the two that they are very loyal to each other and commitment is the key of success in their relationship. Lots of understanding and adjustment will be required so that this relationship can sustain for long run.

Leo Woman And Capricorn Man - A Complicated Relationship

A Leo woman is free spirited in nature and thus they are very gratuitous whereas Capricorn man is very dull and boring in nature. The love match of the duo does not raise a good compatibility graph rather it is considered to be a mismatch. Leo woman are highly energetic and take up the challenges of life with pleasure as it comes and on the other hand Capricorn does not take up the challenges easily nor does he wants to be a part of social gathering. He has a reserved nature and does not socialise himself. This match is said to be impossible and the relationship would not sustain for long term. There is a single positive point about this relationship and that is they both have huge respect for each other and also the mutual understanding between the two makes this relationship work.

Capricorn Woman and Leo Man Marriage Match

To make this duo happen a lot of effort is required from both the sides. Both need to hold the hands of adjustment and understanding to make this relationship work for a long term. Leo man has a combativeness and lavish nature while Capri woman has a complete opposite nature from this. Leo on one side wants the attention of everyone and wishes to be in a limelight most of the times and on the other hand Capricorn stays aloof and all alone away from all the gatherings. The only approach for the successfulness of their relationship is to be positive towards each other if a bit of enviousness, possessiveness or isolation enter their domain then the compatibility of the two will never work.

Capricorn & Leo Compatibility: Problems and Guidelines

Both Capricorn and Leo have no feature in common for the work of the compatibility. There dissimilarities are huge and they do not contribute anything in the love match to happen. While Leo loves to stay in luxury Capricorn always looks for savings.  Capricorn spend its life in a constrained way and Leo is free natured so in fun and enjoyment. The relationship can sustain for long term only if they try and overlook all the short comings and grab the hands of commitment and loyalty.

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