Cancer and Virgo Compatibility

Cancer and Virgo Compatibility

Cancer and Virgo Relationship Compatibility

The two sun signs, Cancer and Virgo are quite different from each other, but still, when they are in a relationship, the compatibility quotient between them is quite high. The Virgo is a bit shy in nature and often finds it quite difficult to express their feelings in words. Still, when someone fails to understand them, they turn fussy. A Cancerian will be patient to the mood swings and pamper him/her with his love, care and attention. Once a Cancer lights that fire of passion in a Virgo, the romance will keep both of them warm throughout life. Both Cancer and Virgo are home-birds who love to spend time with their loved ones and family.

Cancer and Virgo are also a bit introvert by nature, and is never too aggressive in the expression of their love. For an onlooker, this pair may seem a bit old-fashioned. A gentle wind of polite respect sweeps over their love for each other. However, there are lot of surprises and mysteries in store when these two signs merge in a relationship. They are also considered a ‘lucky’ pair. Virgo is extremely loyal to the partner and Cancer rewards this commitment with contentment and the personal needs of the Virgo is taken well care of. The coming together of Cancer and Virgo often builds a home and family. Virgo masters in the art of giving attention to every single details while Cancer's languid sensuality bond them together for life.    

Cancer Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

A Cancer man and Virgo woman has a lot of love and affection between them and enjoy the bliss of intimacy as a good couple. The bond between them is usually long-lasting as the Cancer man will shower her with enough love to make her feel confident in herself. This will bring out the real being she actually is beneath her shell. Both the sun signs are extremely sincere, loyal and trustworthy and there will be no instances of wandering away for any of the partners. If both of them can control their critical nature, theirs is a pairing that will last life-long.

Cancer Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

The coming together of a Cancer woman and Virgo man ensures a relationship of lasting love and conjugal bliss. Both regard commitment and security in a relationship as the most important factor in a relationship and no one will give the other any reason to complain in this field. The Cancer woman will be extremely sincere in the relationship whereas the Virgo man will be as loyal. The relationship will result in a blissful partnership as they will know and respect each other’s needs and viewpoints.

Cancer and Virgo Compatibility Problems

Problems start to creep in the scenario as Virgo likes to think about a particular thing before jumping into any action whereas Cancers act according to their hearts. This is the innate nature of the sun sign, and Virgo often hurts them by reacting to those actions in overtly pragmatic way. Cancer also has phases of mood swings that are disliked by the Virgo. However, if both the partners are less critical of each other, balancing the relationship is not at all a problem. Both of them should remember that neither a Cancer nor a Virgo is open to criticism and hates to be corrected. Virgos are perfectionists, and so when their ventures are not crafted out just perfect, they become even irritated with themselves, and even don’t spare their partner. Cancers on the other hand are so sensitive that they get offended in the process.

Cancer and Virgo Compatibility Guidelines

If the partners want their romance to sail smooth, they have to control their critical nature. The Virgo needs to be careful especially as he/she turns very critical when things are not perfect according to his/her terms. The Cancer is too sensitive to thrive in the practical world. They can both take these weaknesses into account and while a Cancer should learn to be rational from the Virgo, the Virgo should teach patience to the Cancer.

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