Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility

Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility

About Cancer:

The people who are born in between the months of June 22 to July 22, falls in the category of Cancer Zodiac sign. Cancer personalities love to have the things the way they like. This sign people do not seek revenge on the people who hurt them. 

Symbol: Crab

Ruling Planet is Moon.


  • Home and Country
  • Children
  • Romance
  • Parties


  • Being told what to do
  • Advice
  • Failure
  • Aggravating situations 
  • Opposition

About Sagittarius:

The people, who are born in between the months of November 22 to December 21, come under the category of Sagitarius Zodiac sign. Sagitarius sign people are the intellectual ones of the Zodiac. Sagitarius personalities can become bad tempered very fast and often.

Symbol: Archer

Ruling Planet is Jupiter.


  • Travelling
  • Freedom
  • The general feel of things
  • Getting to the deepest point of the matter
  • Law and meanings


  • Being constrained
  • Bothered with details
  • Being tied down domestically
  • cooling your heels
  • Off the wall theories

Cancer and Sagittarius Marriage Compatibility

The Cancer sign and Sagitarius sign have completely different approach towards life. The Sagitarius sign is not so attached to home and family, whereas the Cancer sign is very much into family and home. Sagitarius loves and needs lots of freedom and Cancer loves and needs lots of security and stability. These are some of the main issues which create clashes in the relationship. Complementing, accepting the faults and appreciating each other helps to sustain the relationship to last for a long period. Sagitarius is a wanderer and needs to fulfill his own adventures of life, whereas Cancer is ruled by emotion, and for Sagitarius their desire to nurture is overwhelming for Sagitarius sign.

The best possibility aspect of this relationship is both of them grow as individuals.  Sagitarius learns the value of stability and honesty. Since Sagitarius is a dreamer Cancer will help Sagitarius to pursue the ambitions to reality. Cancer gets from Sagitarius the opportunity of exploring, travelling the World outside the sphere. This kind of match can have difficulties at times but if they learn the acceptance, patience and compromise they can have happy long lasting, fulfilling life, which both can enjoy.

Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility

This kind of love match, have chances to work out, but both the signs have to put lots of effort. Sagitarius woman has to gain knowledge on how to be more responsible in life and learn to love the family and home. The Cancer man has to learn to be a little adventurous at times. This is not an easy match to workout but it is possible if one tries to. He wants attachment and she needs freedom and independence. His suspicious character will be controlled by Sagittarius woman.

Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

The compatibility between these two diminish much further. The Cancer woman loves the adventurous nature of Sagitarius man initially but too much of outgoing nature will create problems in the partnership. The flirtatious nature of Sagitarius scares the Cancer woman. This kind of pairing will have both the romance and the fights. Her need of feeling insecure and security gets clashes in the relationship.

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