Cancer and Leo Compatibility

Cancer and Leo Compatibility

Cancer and Leo Compatibility: A Relationship about Loving and Being Loved

Cancer and Leo is a pretty compatible pair. When it comes to the love quotient between the duo, they are comfortably at par with each other, liking each other’s company and complementing each other with their togetherness.

Cancer and Leo are said to have contrasting characters. But unlike other matches where the contrast is the seed of all clashes, here the contrasting characters in the partners work in favour of the match. The Lion is a passionate lover by nature and finds contentment in loving and pampering his partner. The Crab on the other hand likes to be cocooned in the warmth of the affection of his/her mate. The coming together of these sun signs thus is blissful for both of them as they will love being in each other’s company.

However, both the signs have a strong will. They should try conscientiously to make this a positive point of the relationship rather than being a reason for some silly ego clash. There is little chance of that as the Crab is happy following the partner. While a Leo is born to Love, the innate nature of the Crab is to be loved and protected. The zodiac match is nearly perfect and their love nest will be warm and blessed with their conjugal togetherness. A marriage and a happy home full of kids are the natural results of a Cancer and Leo match. Sexually too, the partnership is going to be ravishingly romantic and there will be no taint on the fidelity factor of either of the partners. 

Leo is a fixed and faithful sign whereas the Cancer is shy and sensitive. The partnership is held together with an eternal bond when a Leo meets a Cancer,

Cancer Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility:

This match has a great compatibility factor. In spite of that when the man is a Cancer and the women a Leo, lots of adjustments are to be made by both the partners. The woman misinterprets the constant need of love and care of the Cancer man as effeminate while the Cancerian man finds his woman too powerful and dominating for himself. However, the good part is, a Leo woman also loves to be loved and adored, and the Cancer man will be never miserly in showering love and attention to her. The only thing she has to take care is, being careful to not use any harsh words, especially when she is angry. That will make the Crab retreat to the shell, and he will never be the same again.

Cancer Woman and Leo Man Marriage Compatibility:

Leo man always wants to spend his love on someone who can adore his love.  A Cancer woman is the perfect match for him. The Lion will ensure that she feels being loved and secured in the relationship while she will take care of all his personal and emotional needs. Her attention will flatter him and there will be no draught of passion and fidelity in the relationship. He will never feel tired to walk that extra mile to make her smile. The Cancer woman finds joy and contentment in taking care of the household, cooking, cleaning and caring the kids. The Lion also loves to have his cubs around him in a well-set den. The coming together of a Cancer woman and Leo man is about a future with a lot of happiness to behold.

Cancer and Leo Compatibility Problems

Cancerians are too sensitive by nature. So if a Leo is arrogant, the Cancer shuts him/herself and blames him/herself as the one not worthy of the love of the Leo. The Leo is sometimes very impatient to bear with the Cancerian’s moments of panic as they want their partners to be trophy-mates, someone to be proud of. This scares away the shy Cancer. The Cancer can also be too much of a nagging element, which the Leo decline to accept in the partner. He/she may cuddle him/her to the warmth of love and protection, but becomes bored if it seems like a full-time job.

Cancer and Leo Compatibility Guidelines

A Cancer and Leo match leads to a successful marriage most of the time. The only hitch in their compatibility may be caused by their individual traits and temperament. However, with a little effort from both the partners, this may turn out to be a sun sign match which can rival any other combination. It will not be a smooth ride always. But, that is life, and herein lies the magic of love and respect to each other.

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