Cancer and Gemini Compatibility

Cancer and Gemini Compatibility

The Gemini character people moves around a lot and are scared of peace, comfortable home and safety, whereas these are the qualities which a Cancer sign loves. So it is really difficult to work out this kind of union. For Gemini character the change and the place where it happens is important. Gemini sign cannot bear the traditional moods of Cancer sign.

Cancer sign people love adventure, fun, exciting life. The typical Cancer sign character loves peace and stability.

Cancer and Gemini Marriage Compatibility

Gemini character has all the weird things, new ideas which go well with a fun and exciting life Cancer character as a partner. Gemini sign personalities will act very mature since they are dual natured people. The flirtatious nature of Gemini brings the jealous in the Cancers.

The Cancer sign and Gemini sign compatibility is really different. The Gemini sign plays a lot of mind games for the soft and innocent approach to life of a Cancer.  Cancer will always be there to take care of Gemini. Gemini won’t see the responsibilities as the cancer sign does. So the Cancer character thinks Gemini sign is irresponsible. 

Cancer character will be very sensitive towards love whereas the Gemini sign’s roving eye hurts the sensitive Cancer sign.

Cancer needs security and the Gemini character is the sign which cannot be tied down. This match is not a good one because of the sharp tongue of the Gemini and moody character of the Cancer. The Gemini’s physical needs are fulfilled by passionate Cancer and Gemini’s cheerfulness will brighten Cancer’s mood.

Gemini Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility:

The opposite nature of the signs will not make a good love match. This is an unlikely match for love. Gemini’s bubbly nature and plentiful charm will attract the Cancer sign initially. The Gemini man takes an intellectual approach to life, for which the Cancer sign feels worse in the relationship and clashes get start. Often things will be excited and wonderful between these two signs. Both of these signs are prone to get depression and feel a little down. You should always act as a comforter to each other, rather than the problem to each other to succeed in this kind of sign compatibilities.

Gemini Woman and Cancer Man Marriage Compatibility:

This pair may not last for long period. Starting of the relationship the Gemini sign gets attracted to the Cancer sign’s passionate nature and sensitiveness. Unfortunately the Cancer character won’t believe the Gemini sign later in the relationship. The Cancer man is very possessive about the Gemini woman which makes the Gemini character very frustrated and irritated, which leads to a problematic life. Cancer sign needs to be loved and feel supported. Cancer man is prone to jealous and suspicion when it comes to Gemini woman. Cancer sign needs attention and giving attention is not Gemini’s cup of tea. This is where lots of adjustments and compromises come in to, work out the relationship.

Gemini and Cancer will have a wonderful long lasting friendship relationship which both enjoy whereas long lasting love match will not be that great.

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