Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility

The cancer sign people are very emotional and very much attached to their family members and very vulnerable. This couple does not have lots of things going in their relationship. Aquarius loves to try out the new ideas and independence whereas Cancer sign is too possessive and they will be in need of security. In the beginning of the relationship these signs people are interested in each other and intrigued into each other but later on this interest will turn into frustration which bothers the relationship in a long run.

Cancer and Aquarius Marriage Compatibility

The Aquarius character is generally emotionally aloof and it is very tough to understand the act of this air sign. The Cancer sign will try to work out with the air sign but it won’t get any positive result. In this match the cancer may feel like at times they are on their own in this relationship. The character of a Cancer is a very caring personality. The Aquarius character is also caring, but not in the way that a Cancer would always notice.

Cancer and Aquarius Relationship Compatibility

To everyone’s surprise this relationship may workout. To get success in this relationship one of them should obey the rules and desires of the other person. The relationship between Cancer and Aquarius has one great thing about their union is that a Cancer person will always there for Aquarius. Whenever the Aquarius comes home from whichever outside work this sign can guarantee a nice soft lap to adjust and crawl into snuggling up with the partner leaving the rest of the world alone. The Aquarius has to understand and give respect to the Cancer’s quality time alone and the Cancer should give equal respect and understand the independence quality of the Aquarius sign.

The Cancer character will be so conservative in the sexual relationship but whereas the Aquarius character loves to implement the new ideas to try out in the bedroom, this quality of Aquarius will turn of the Cancer sign. These two signs together can make a better friendship relation.

Cancer man and Aquarius woman Compatibility:

The depth looked for by a Cancer man in this partnership can rarely be provided by Aquarius woman. She is quite neutral and opts to keep everything on the surface level. The Aquarius character looks for Intellectual partner to whom she can express and talk for a long period whereas the Cancer man loves a woman who understands, loves and cuddles with him when he is upset. The Aquarius woman feels like she is providing lots of attention to him but the Cancer man thinks that he is not at all getting attention.

Cancer Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility:

The partnership needs for an Aquarius man are completely different than the Cancer woman. Cancer woman needs the love, security and attention which the Aquarius man thinks it’s too much to live with. The Cancer woman feels that the outgoing nature of Aquarius man is creating detachment in the relationship. If you are really flexible and can adjust very often, then you should go for this love match.

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