Caffeine in Green Tea Nutritional Supplement

Caffeine in Green Tea

Green tea is healthy and high in antioxidants. Its only drawback is the caffeine content found in it, which can often astonish and affect some tea consumers adversely. Here are some easy and effective measures to ward off the adverse effects of caffeine in green tea and enjoy its health benefits including their positive effects.

Positive Effects of Natural Caffeine

The positive effects of naturally coming caffeine have increased the popularity of caffeine for thousands of years. When using green tea daily, millions of people have felt:

  • more fresh, alert

  • more energy

  • more positive mood

  • enhanced physical endurance

  • catapulted metabolic rate

  • easier breathing via calm bronchial muscles.

People have obtained all these benefits and improvements without witnessing any remarkable or measurable harm.

But too much caffeine can bring some wrong impacts also. There are incidents of abuse and even overdoses, particularly with the modern, more concentrated sources of caffeine.

Negative Effects of Caffeine

Adverse effects of caffeine are generally called side effects.

Side effects of caffeine found in green tea can be divided into three categories:

  • Temporary: These effects are transient and most people can witness within a few hours or days. Temporary caffeine side effects may include insomnia, indigestion, momentary rapid heartbeat, or shaky limbs.

  • Moderate: These effects are identical to temporary ones, but they last for some longer time.  They occur mostly with vulnerable individual already taking medical care and need modification in caffeine doses by the treating physician depending on the separate health needs.

  • Serious: These effects, comprises of delirium and collapse, which can generally be resolved with medical aid. Only limited hospitalization takes place pertaining to naturally occurring caffeine sources, and only after large amounts of caffeine intake like 8 or more cups of coffee per day may lead to this situation.

Now-a-days, more hospitalizations are being witnessed with new caffeinated “energy” drinks. Deaths due to overdose are reported with concentrated caffeine supplements like caffeine tablets.

Caffeine Supplement Dosage

Most specialists recommend that healthy individual should remain below 300-500 milligrams of caffeine per day from all sources.

Pregnant women and women planning to conceive should limit the caffeine consumption below 150-200 milligrams daily.

Several people switch from concentrated supplements of caffeine to daily green tea due to the amount of caffeine in green tea is low and balanced by theanine.

Side Effects of Caffeine in Green Tea

Caffeine content, found in green tea, often lead to some side effects including frequent urination, headache, fast heart pulsation, lack of sleep, anxiety, and some other troubles.