Caesarean Section Precautions

Caesarean Section

Majority of deliveries in the U.S is through Caesarean section.  Many women are still not aware as to how long it takes them to recover from it. Below are a few precautions that you need to take after your Caesarean section so that you can take better care of yourself and your baby.

Precautions Before Caesarean Section

Giving birth to a baby is the single biggest stage in woman’s life. She has to be mentally prepared to go through this phase. She also has to listen to a lot of advises and suggestions that would be thrusted on her.

The best thing to do is to speak to your doctor if you have any doubts or fears about how it’s going to be. Do not hesitate to speak to your doctors about the procedure and what anesthetic will be given. It becomes more difficult for a woman when she delivers her first baby. Your doctor will prepare you mentally and you have to sign a consent form before the C section surgery begins. A woman has to take good care of herself before and after the C section.

Precautions After Caesarean Section

Slow recovery- Always remember that C section is a surgery. Since your body has gone through a lot therefore, you will continue to have the tummy ache and you need care and rest. You need to take extra care of yourself as you need to prevent the stitches from pulling.

Discomfort expected- Your doctor will give you medication to bring down the pain after the surgery. You will have to check and see if you can nurse your baby or probably check depend on formula till you are done with the medication. Do check with your doctor about the medication that you have to take for the pain and if it affects the milk. You also need start walking after you are given permission to prevent blood clotting. Be prepared to feel weak, drained, strained, and pain for weeks.

Plan things- After your C section you would not be able to climb up and down the stairs. You will also not be able to lift anything or for that matter do anything that  involves tediousness . Always consider these things and plan how you want it to be. Remember that there are lawyers of stitches and you have to be careful. Arrange for a room down stairs and make arrangements so that you do not exert pressure on your abdominal muscles.  

Selfcare- You need to take extra care of yourself after C section. C section includes general anesthetic, IV use, catheterization and attendant recovery problems. After the surgery, you need to learn how to nurse your baby and things like if your down with fever or an infection that needs extra care. If you notice bleeding, trouble urinating or feel feverish, then consult your doctor.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help- Many new mothers hesitate to ask for help and try doing things on their own. Doing things on your own will exhaust you and stress you out. Allow others to help you as the little help you get will make lots of difference. 

Caesarean Section  Recovery

These days, women who are undergoing a C section remain in the hospital for about 3-4 days. After the baby is born, its cleaned, weighed and then given to the mother for feeding. Instructions will be given as to when you need to nurse the baby.

After that, nurses will help you to take a shower and you need to avoid using soap where the stitches are stapled as this would avoid any infection. You will still be on medication as long as your doctor asks you to do so. After the surgery, you need to take complete bed rest to avoid any bleeding.

Lots of high- fiber dried fruits and water are essential to keep you in good health. In due course of time, your stitches will heal and make sure you do not exert pressure on your abdomen. Consult your doctor if you need help.