Methods Involved in Removing Hair from Buttcheeks

Irrespective of the fact that hair acts as a shield against foreign particles and infections, and helps in maintaining our body temperature, there arise needs to get rid of hair in certain parts of the body. Buttocks hair removal is a common practice today. There are a number of safe and effective methods to get rid of unwanted hair from the buttocks. Most of the available methods are temporary, requiring yearly or monthly treatments.

About Buttocks Hair

Before understanding the buttocks hair removal methods, it is good to know about the hair that we need to target.

Upper butt is the area covering the top ends of the cheeks and the lower part of the back (until the tailbone). The hair in this area is very prominent and stubborn. The tricky hair to tackle would be the butthole hair. It requires careful handling: start with the hair in the butt-crack and reach the hole in a circular motion. The next hair to deal with is the taint hair. As this part has and experiences the most friction, we need to remove only as few hair as possible to evade acne and ingrown hair.

Buttocks Hair Removal Methods

The most common ways to remove buttocks hair are waxing, shaving, electrolysis and laser treatment.

Shaving: Shaving the butt hair by oneself needs a bit of a practice. The different areas need to be handled carefully and this has to be done with the view in the mirror. Moreover, you might need more than one type of razor to get to the different parts and different types of hair on the buttocks. It is important to use clean razors and be careful not to cut anywhere to avoid infection. The best tool for shaving butt hair is a delicate, singularized blade specially designed for this purpose.

Most people do not prefer shaving their butt as it leaves stubble and ingrown hair. Moreover its results are short lived.

Waxing: Waxing is relatively simple and effective, with the results lasting for a couple of weeks. Even though waxing can be done at home, when done at a salon it tends to be more effective and less painful or messy. Women can get this done as part of their Brazilian waxing routine or just opt for waxing of the butt alone.

Electrolysis: For a more permanent effect, electrolysis is the best buttocks hair removal method. It is the most tedious and expensive option. Each hair is targeted individually in this method.

Laser: Laser is similar to electrolysis, but slightly quicker as it targets larger parts. It requires after removal treatments for maintenance. Women would need an average of six treatments to get rid of unwanted butt hair, with each session spanning 10-15 minutes.

Laser and electrolysis buttocks hair removal must be done only be certified professionals as they are invasive and laborious.