Butterfly Garden

A school of gardening, specifically wildlife gardening with an aim of creating an environment attracting butterflies, moths is known as Butterfly garden. The objective of Butterfly Garden is to invite butterflies and moths to lay eggs as well. The caterpillar host is encouraged as it helps to increase the population of butterflies and adult butterflies do not feed on a few plants. As butterflies basically feed on nectar, hundreds of such plants are planted so as to attract them. It also depends on the location, time of year, and other factors. Butterfly houses are also constructed to attract butterflies.

History of Butterfly Garden

It is believed that Butterfly Garden was first started in England in 1970s. Britishers used to love greenhouses and natural settings. In 1988, the Butterfly World was opened in Coconut Creek in Florida, USA.

Design of Butterfly Garden

It is advisable to take the help of a professional garden designer before embarking on this mammoth project. In case the design is not appropriate, selection of plants is wrong or any other such mistake, it will unnecessarily cost more money and the results will also be not as desired.

Appropriate plants must be planted in order to attract butterflies to the garden. Steps must be taken to attract hummingbirds to the garden. Small butterfly houses can also be constructed to lure more butterflies. It is significant to know what kind of plants and shrubs attracts butterflies and those must be planted in the garden. The soil in which plants are to be planted must also be appropriate.

Architecture of Butterfly Garden

The land for butterfly garden can range from a small strip of 5’x10’ near a walkway or a large garden with variety of plants planted in them. A raised area of soil framed by logs, boards, stones, railroad ties, rocks, bricks, etc can help in creating a raised bed butterfly garden. Drainage facilities and walkways around the bed of plants must be considered while constructing a butterfly garden.  Permanent raised beds should be made so that flower beds look beautiful and tidy. A small butterfly house can be constructed to attract more butterflies and will also look beautiful.