Burdock Herbal Supplement

Burdock Supplement Info

Burdock is found in Europe and Northern Asia and is now used across the world. A member of the daisy family, it is a stout, common weed with seed vessel that cling with the clothing or animal hair. Burdock has curly, heart-shaped leaves.

The benefits of burdock have been talked of by herbalists for several years. Records show that burdock was in vogue in China, by the Native American Indians, along with European settlers.

Benefits of Burdock Supplement

It is rich source of natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, starches, sugars and host of other. Burdock also has wealth of vitamin C, pectin, vitamin A, thiamine, protein, phenolic acids, fiber, and mucilage.

  • Burdock is useful for building resistance to the stress of regular life. It increases stamina, resilience and the happiness in life. It is also considered to be helpful in promoting emotional stability.
  • Burdock strengthens the stomach and appetite. It assists in relieving gas. It also appears to promote healthy intestinal bacteria and is often facilitated by people with Candida or yeast overgrowth.
  • It has been used to assist in healing eruptions and diseases of the skin which may include acne, chronic rashes, eczema, dry scaly skin patches etc.
  • It also reduces blood sugar and supports both the pancreas and liver.
  • Burdock nourishes and consolidates the performance of kidneys and urinary organs.
  • It also soothes and reduces swelling and pain particularly in joints.
  • Burdock is helpful in treating and comforting throat pain, measles, arthritis and colds. It is also a natural diuretic.

Side Effects of Burdock Supplement

Some of the mostly reported side effects of burdock root or supplements include:

  • Taking burdock root may have a laxative effect on your bowels. It can stimulate your uterus, so it is advisable to avoid it in case of pregnancy.
  • Application of burdock root preparations to the skin, may lead to some allergic reactions in some people. If you are sensitive to or intolerant of pectin, avoid burdock root.
  • Burdock root may impact the effects of your oral medicines, so avoid taking burdock root in conjunction with other drugs.
  • Burdock root may enhance blood sugar levels if you are diabetic which may result in excessive urination, which could cause electrolyte imbalances.
  • Burning sensation in eyes, or ophthalmia are also been reported to be associated with burdock root tea consumption.

Doses of Burdock Supplement

The prescribed dosage of burdock may stretch between 1 g and 2 g of powdered herb thrice a day, according to Butler Hospital. Some tablets may contain as much as 500 mg of burdock herb.