Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

Breast Reduction

Before undergoing breast reduction surgery, the patient has to take some precautions.

Precautions Before Breast Reduction Surgery:

Here are some of the precautions you have to follow to get better results:

  • Do not take any additional medicines at least one week before the surgery.

  • Give up habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol months before the surgery.

  • Increase in take of healthy food to speed up the healing process.

  • Ask someone to drive you to the hospital before surgery and take you back home after operation as well.

  • Arrange someone to stay with you for few days after the surgery to help you in doing household works such as cooking, cleaning etc.

  • If you are breastfeeding a child, stop the practice few days before the breast reduction surgery. Of course, your health care provider can only tell you the exact number of days.

  • Keep yourself in good health condition before undergoing the breast reduction surgery. You should follow a soft diet for at least a week or ten days before the surgery.

  • Avoid applying any lotion or cream to your body on the day of the surgery. Wear light and comfortable dress.

  • There are so many surgical technologies such as traditional breast reduction, vertical incision, and scarless breast reduction. Before the surgery, decide the appropriate surgical technology you want.

  • Gathering knowledge on the costs of the surgery is also of great importance.

  • Know whether it is covered by your health insurance provider or not.

Precautions After Breast Reduction Surgery:

  • Similarly, after the surgery, you should take the following precautions:

  • Do not take shower for few days after the surgery.

  • Sponge bathe till the time your incisions are totally closed and your stitches are no longer in.

  • Though the bandages and drainage tube are removed in a day or two after the surgery, you should wear the surgical bra throughout the day for at least about one month.

  • Take care that the stitches come out within 1 or 2 weeks of the surgery.

  • Monitor your body temperature regularly. Remember that an increased temperature leads to infection.

  • Do not involve yourself in strenuous activities for at least three to four weeks. An increase in the blood pressure may cause bleeding.

Precautions During Recovery of Breast Reduction Surgery:

After the breast reduction surgery, you should take care of so many things which will help you in speedy recovery:

  • Engage yourself in light activities like reading magazines and watching television. Try to use bendable straws and canned drinks in place of heavy bottles.

  • Apply soft ice packs or packages of frozen peas to painful areas.

  • Keep frequently used plates in easy-to-reach places.

  • Use seamless cotton sports bra which has hooks in front portion.

  • Get sufficient pillows on hand.

  • Do not engage yourself in sexual intercourse as it may cause swelling in the surgery wound.

It may be noted that the breasts do not get their ultimate shape immediately after the operation. It takes about six months for the healing process. So have patience to attain the expected result of the breast reduction surgery.