Advantages of Breast Reduction

Advantages of Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery has both advantages and disadvantages. The surgery could become successful, if the patient feels conscious of the surgery and realistic about the result and her expectations. The breast reduction surgery will turn out to be a result-oriented exercise, if the patient does not suffer from any pre-diseases.  The following are some of the advantages what the breast reduction surgery entails:

  • Risk of developing breast cancer will be less.

  • The breast size will be smaller as required. It will be in a better shape and firm.

  • The pain in the back and neck portion will be lessened.

  • There will be no indentation marks on shoulders after surgery of the woman due to bra straps.

  • Annoyance of the skin below the breast will be reduced.

  • The breathing problem experienced before the surgery will be absent, and

  • Last but not the least the woman will be more confident and contented about her physique.

Disadvantages of Breast Reduction Surgery

There are a number of disadvantages associated with the breast reduction surgery. However, the following are some of the major disadvantages of breast reduction surgery:

  • The surgery-triggered wounds will take a lot of time to be cured completely.

  • The woman may not be able to breastfeed her child after the surgery and the reason behind this is the Glandular tissue is taken out from the breasts at the time of surgery. Women, who are in the stages of conceiving babies in future should not plan for the breast reduction surgery.

  • The woman will lose the sensitivity of the breast area. The trimming of the skin, tissues and glands may have an effect on the sensitivity of the area.

  • Some of the nerves attached to the breast may not return to the normal state.

  • Breast reduction surgery is not covered under health insurance, until and unless the heavy size of the breasts results into chronic back or neck pain.

  • The breast may become uneven.

Side-Effects of Breast Reduction Surgery

Along with the advantages and disadvantages, the breast reduction surgery carries certain side-effects too as mentioned below:

  • A permanent scar will be there in the breast area after the surgery.

  • The patient may experience an abnormal reaction to anesthetics when the surgery is carried out under general anesthesia, leading to occurrence of sores around the area of nipples.

  • Retention of fluid in breast area may be another side-effect of the surgery.

As the breast reduction surgery involves the above disadvantages and side-effects, it is advisable to consult with a qualified doctor to ensure the best results.