Breast Reduction History

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction alternatively known as reduction mammoplasty is a general surgical process in which the size of the breast is reduced by removing skin, breast implants and glandular tissues. The exercise is also carried out to neutralize sagging of the breasts. This surgery can also be carried out on men who are troubled with gynecomastia.

History of Breast Reduction

Gone are the times when women with large breasts accepted the embarrassment as their genetic inheritance. Modern women want to keep the control of their body with them. New trends in health, fitness and fashions have tempted women to attain a breast size that is suitable for the entire body shape. This tendency of achieving an ideal breast size has increased the rate of breast reduction surgery.

Apart from that health problems related to the outsized breasts such as back and neck pain has also become a reason behind breast reduction surgeries.

For more than twenty years, breast reduction surgeries are being carried out. Six or eight years before, this surgery was not treated as a common plastic surgery appeal.

Purpose of Breast Reduction

Present-day women are more conscious regarding their body and look. If the breast size is not in proportion with their figure then to get it in desired shape, women opt for breast reduction surgery. Fashion conscious ladies often feel uncomfortable to wear trendy outfits because of their large breast size. To get rid of social embarrassments caused due to hefty breasts, women plan to undergo the best reduction surgery.

But in most cases, women decide to go for breast reduction surgery when they suffer from back, shoulder, and neck pain because of outsized breasts. In some cases, this surgery may be required after reconstructive surgery subsequent to removal of cancerous breast tissue. The breast reduction surgery makes both the breasts symmetrical.

Men troubled with enlarged breasts i.e. known as gynecomastia may opt for breast reduction surgery. But the consumption of alcohol, marijuana may also be the reason of gynecomastia.

Types of Breast Reduction

There are several types of breast reduction technique. The execution of a particular type of surgery depends on the circumstances such as the size of the breasts, the extent of pain the person experiencing due to outsized breasts, wound caused by breast reduction, after effects of the operation, cost etc. The following are various types of breast reduction surgery:

  • Inferior pedicle technique

  • Horizontal scar technique

  • Liposuction-only technique

  • Free nipple graft technique

  • Vertical scar technique

The study is still on to improve the technique so that the patient will be able to lead a better quality of life after undergoing the breast reduction surgery.