Breast Augmentation Surgery Process

Breast Augmentation Requirements

If you are preparing yourself to undergo breast augmentation surgery then keep the following minimum requirements in mind:

  • Ideally, a woman with a flat chest or small size breasts can undergo the breast augmentation surgery.

  • Seek prior advice from a well-qualified plastic surgeon as to whether you should go for the surgery or not and do not forget to ask about the potential risks the surgery involves.

  • It is important to give up habits like smoking and drinking alcohol give up fifteen days before the operation.

  • If you are following any other medication program, share with the doctor because he/she can only guide you as to whether it is safe or not to take other medicines while preparing for the breast augmentation surgery.

  • List out the things to do before and after the surgery.

  • Make advanced enquiries about the cost of the surgery as it could prove to be a costly affair.

  • Be well-informed about the cost, process, pros, cons and side-effects of the surgery.

Preparation for Breast Augmentation Surgery

The following guidelines will definitely be helpful to you before going for a vital surgery such as breast augmentation:

  • On the day of surgery, ask your partner or any one of your family to drop you at the hospital and again bring you back home after the operation. It is not safe for you to drive in a situation when you are preparing yourself for a surgery like breast augmentation.

  • Arrange someone to be with you to assist in household works during after the period of surgery.

  • Store foods rich in protein, Vitamins and mineral to speed up the curative process.

  • Things like bathroom toiletries, kitchen utensils, bottles that you use daily should be kept in a place from where you can get them easily without bending or stretching yourself.

  • Arrange some comfortable clothes to wear during after the period of surgery.

  • One day before the surgery, make a pack of things you want to take with you to the hospital.

Process of Breast Augmentation Surgery

There are various types of breast augmentation surgery and the process of the surgery depends on your decisions like type of implants you need, in what way they should be placed, and where the incision will be made. Based on your decisions, the surgeon will go through the process of breast augmentation surgery. So, it is important for you to know the consequences of each option.