Botanical Garden

Parks that display a wide range of plants with labels with their botanical names are known as Botanical Gardens. Cacti and succulent plants, herb gardens, plants from particular parts of the world are basically contained in these gardens. With special collections such as tropical plants, alpine plants or other exotic plants, there may be a greenhouse also. Tour of the garden, art exhibitions, educational displays, open air theatrical, book rooms and musical performances and other form of entertainment are included in visitor services.

Often universities run these Botanical gardens and research programmes related to plant taxonomy or some other aspect of botanical science are organized. Documented collections of living plants for the purposes of scientific research, conservation, display and education is maintained by Botanical Garden.

Botanical Garden

History of Botanical Garden

In the 16th century, during Italian Renaissance the origin of modern botanical gardens can be traced to European medieval medicinal gardens known as physic gardens. In 17th century, interest in the new plant imports from explorations outside increased instead of early concern with medicinal plants. Botanists devised systems of plant nomenclature and classification in the 18th century.

Design of Botanical Gardens

All over the world, botanical gardens are often filled with local plant species an sometimes species from other parts of the world also. Collections such as tropical plants, perennial flowers and herb gardens are featured in them. While designing a botanical garden certain things needs to be kept in mind such as local species of plants, amount of space and sunlight each plant will need, etc. It is also important to plant low maintenance plants. Perennial plants must be selected that would remain evergreen for many years. Tallest plants must be planted at the periphery and smaller inside. Bulb plants must be spaced around trees. More flowering trees must be planted so as to give a colorful appearance. Raised beds and pots can also be used in the central area.

Architecture of Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens are very simple and not much construction is required to create a Botanical garden. Only a boundary wall and a hedge to keep the grazing animals away are needed. Boundaries made up of bricks and pavements are needed in the Botanical Gardens.