The Boons of Relaxation Yoga

The Boons of Relaxation Yoga


Yoga is the modern day mantra to fight stress and a holistic approach to better cope with life’s ups and downs. Someone might have started practicing Yoga for the reason that they enjoy it, for someone it may be the doctor’s prescription, but the ultimate goal of practicing Yoga remains almost the same for everyone – relieving stress.

About Relaxation Yoga

Yoga places itself more or less on the philosophy that “Life is breath, breath is life.” Relaxation Yoga is about concentrating on one’s breath, making it systematized, rhythmic, deep and effective. The main goal is, when the body is well-oxygenated and energized, it helps the body and the mind to function properly.

The practice of relaxation Yoga ensures that your everyday stress is reduced and you have a better interplay of body and brain-functioning in life.

Relaxation Yoga is different from normal modes of relaxation because it aims at an all-round relaxation of the mind and the body. It focuses on the inner faculties of a being which is the source of genuine happiness. Relaxation Yoga facilitates a better posture as well as an improved muscle and skin tone. The body is strengthened and the joints become flexible. With just a few months of practicing relaxation Yoga, one can feel the change in his outlook towards life, which has become more calm and controlled, and the body, more toned. The whole experience of relaxation Yoga makes the human mind happier, and the positive effect is reflected in his day to day life. 

A few Relaxation Yoga Postures

Corpse Pose or Shavasana

To practice Shavasana, you have to lie down on the Yoga mat flat on your back keeping your legs apart. Place your hands loosely on either sides of your body. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and relax. This is an excellent asana for mental composure and physical rest.

Reversed Corpse or Advasana

To practice Advasana, you have to lie down on your stomach and stretch your arms above your head. The elbows should be kept close to the ears. Keep your legs stretched and take deep breaths. Keep your focus on your stomach while you are breathing. This is an excellent relaxation Yoga. Once you are done with Advasana, get back to the Shavasana pose for a few minutes before you get up. 

Superior Posture for Jyeshtikasana

For Jyeshtikasana you have to again lie on the stomach with the legs kept straight. Interlock your fingers and bend your elbow to place the interlocked fingers above the neck. You will enjoy a very soothing sensation. Close your eyes, relax. After five minutes, end it with Shavasana or the corpse posture.

Crocodile Posture or Makarasana

Lie on the stomach again and relax. Now rest on your elbows, and hold the cheeks with your palms. Raise the neck and the shoulder. You will feel a little straining sensation on the back and the spine.

Return to the corpse position once you are done.

Flapping Fish Posture or Matsya Kridasana

Lie on your stomach and keep your legs stretched. Keep your left leg straight and pull the right knee upwards. Support the left cheek with your interlocked fingers. Be sure to keep the palms down. Now, try and touch the right knee with the right elbow. Balance your body for a while in the posture.

Conclude with the corpse position. 


Relaxation Yoga is excellent for lowering blood pressure and making you feel intensely relaxed. The deep breathing wards away the unclear thoughts and uplifts the low spirits. If you have been down with depression, mood swings and other various disorders, try relaxation Yoga for a refreshed mind, in-tune body and a spirit that is renewed and rejuvenated.