Body Building Supplements for Women

Female body building has gained popularity in recent times. Women started using various supplements in order to enhance their muscle mass. Body building supplements for women work great on burning fat and gaining muscle. So, here are the popular and best body building supplements for women.

The 4 essentials for body building:

The most essential supplements for body building irrespective of the gender are: Whey protein, creatine, glutamine and the branched chain amino acids.

Whey protein:

Is the protein obtained from milk. Whey protein extract in the whey isolate form has the maximum protein and is the most preferred variety. Available in health stores, it can be mixed with milk and had soon after a workout for best results.


It is an organic acid found in our body. When you work out a lot the creatine gets depleted and hence has to be replenished. It is also sold in the powdered form and can be had after workouts. Dosage would be 0.3g of creatine monohydrate per kilogram of your body weight. This should be distributed in smaller doses every day.


Is an amino acid found in the muscles of the body. It gets exhausted after strenuous workouts and hence has to be immediately replaced by consuming its supplements. Glutamine powders are available in the health stores and should be added to your milk shake soon after a workout along with sugar, for best results.

Branched chain amino acids:

These are pre-digested proteins that should be taken before any other supplement after a heavy workout. They are instantly absorbed by the exhausted muscles, which are now like sponges. This helps reduce the stress and also helps recover from the workout routine, faster. It also reduces the soreness caused due to exhaustion.


Is a special favorite of female body builders. It helps burn fat and increases metabolism, thus providing nutrition to the muscle tissues as fast as required. Thus, it indirectly helps build more muscle in shorter time.

Conjugated Linoleic acid:

It is an essential fatty acid found in beef and dairy products. They are not produced by the body and hence have to be taken as supplements. These fatty acids are required to build the muscle mass.


It is used by many female body builders to lose fat. They act by increasing the metabolic rate that in turn causes increase in body temperature which burns the fat resulting in weight loss. Caffeine and aspirin are some of the widely used thermogenics. But, beware of the side-effects and habit forming nature before you add them to your list of supplements.

The first four in the list are proven essentials as body building supplements for women, while the rest are optional.

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