Bleaching Hair

Bleaching Hair

Do you want your hairs in a different look? Well you can attain it through a simple hair bleaching technique. Hair bleaching is the process of de-pigmenting hair to achieve a new shade. You can either bleach your hair completely or just some portions. According to your wish you can use bleach get a white shade, other lighter shades or even can use it to add dimensions to your natural color. If you want to color your hair, just bleach it prior to coloring as it helps in getting the true color.

Chemically bleaches contain a mixture of oxidizing agents and an alkaline solution. The most commonly used oxidizing agents are ammonium persulfate and hydrogen peroxide. These are known as oxidizing agents since they use oxygen to penetrate the hair core where the melanin pigment is present. Within the hair core they change the melanin composition so that it gets de-pigmented and appears white in color. The alkaline solution contained within the bleach facilitates the penetration oxidizing agents by lifting up the cuticle layer of hair.

If you are a person with brown hair, special care should be taken while bleaching since there are chances for damaging the hair shaft. In this case, the bleaching should be done gradually through several steps using many shades before attaining the desired light or white color. The brown hair should be initially changed to red, then to orange, then to yellow and finally to white. The same procedure should be followed if you wish to highlight hair strands instead of entire hair.

If you are a person with black hair it is advisable to bleach hair by an expert. Just after bleaching, the hairs should be toned to prevent brassiness. Bleaching dark hairs is more expensive and time consuming than the lighter hair.

How to Bleach Hair?

Bleaching in the right way will give you a new stunning look. Let us see the steps involved in bleaching.

STEP-1 Preparation

First of all you should make sure that you have all the items required for bleaching. This includes a towel, bowl for mixing the bleach, timer etc. Wear a dress which you don’t bother if bleach gets onto it. The most important thing you need is of course the bleaching kit itself. If your hair are too short one bleaching kit will be enough, but if it is long then you may need more than one kit to bleach the complete hair. Don’t forget to wear the gloves. After making all these arrangements, cut open the bleach powder packet and empty the contents into a bowl. Add the developer solution to the bleach powder and mix well using the applicator brush that is available with the kit. Continue adding the developer solution until its consistency changes to a creamy paste form.

STEP- 2 Application of Bleach

Once the bleach is prepared properly, the next step is to apply it carefully. If you don’t want the entire hair to be bleached, cover it with a bleach applicator cap and just pull the required strands of hair out of it. You can apply the bleach by yourself or may ask some one else to do it for you. Start bleaching from the back side and continue it in a round way till you reach the top. Apply it as faster as possible so that your hair get bleached evenly. Bleach works well under warm conditions. So to create a warm condition you can make use of a plastic cap. Most bleach kit comes with such caps. Ensure that all the hair are covered by the cap. Adjust the time required for lightening using a stop watch or a timer and keep checking your hair in between to prevent any damage or over processing.

STEP-3 Removal of Bleach

Once the desired color is attained the next step is to carefully remove the bleach from the hair. Rinse your hair properly so that the bleach gets removed completely. After rinsing, shampoo you hair using any mild shampoo, rinse it again and dry using a clean dry towel.

STEP-4 After Care

Just after bleaching, treat your hair with a good conditioner. Conditioners help in recovering and protecting your hair from damage. Try not to wash your hair with chlorinated water as chlorine may change the hair color.

Hair Bleaching Tips

  • Choose a good quality branded bleach kit.
  • Read the instruction available within the kit carefully before starting the process.
  • Test the product over a small area prior to final bleaching to find whether it gives the desired color without any allergic reaction
  • The day before you plan to bleach, Wash your hair properly and apply a good conditioner.
  • To prevent the bleach from spreading to the nearby skin, you can apply petroleum jelly or any similar products along the hairline.
  • Never apply bleach on chemically straightened, recently permed, relaxed or colored hairs as it may lead to severe hair damage.
  • If you are pregnant, consult your doctor before bleaching as most of the bleach contains harmful chemicals.
  • Be careful and try not to bleach your scalp.
  • Bleaching eyebrows and eyelashes are dangerous.