Bladder Infection Home Remedies

Bladder infection home remedies are preventive measures to empower your body to be internally strong. Mid-aged women are most likely to get bladder infection. If somebody in your family already had bladder infection then you are also likely to get this infection. Bladder infection is very painful as it may attack your kidney too.

Germs enter into the urinary bladder for which an irritation forms creating variety of painful indications, which is usually called bladder infection. If you ignore bladder infection in the earlier stage, it may cause a serious problem for you. Hence, you need to be aware of its symptoms and take enough care at the early stage of its occurrence. Bladder infection home remedies are very fruitful to be taken for consideration. Learn reasons of its infection and then take care of it using home remedies.

Reasons of Bladder Infection

Kidney Stones:

You will get inflammation in the bladder if you have kidney stones, which will cause unbearable pain in the sides down your abdomen.

Urine Retention:

This is happened often with women as they wait for much time to urinate. If you do not relieve urine when you feel that causes urine retention and affects bladder.


If you have constipation problem then you are most likely to get infected with bladder infection. Constipation is considered one of the most prone symptoms of bladder infection.


If you are suffering with cancer, you need to undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatment. So, bladder infection can develop in such stage.

Most Important Bladder Infection Home Remedies

Cranberry Juice:

You have to consume plenty of cranberry juice. When you use high powerful tablets or antibiotics for bladder infection, you need to use Cranberry juice as protective way. Cranberry juice can empower your internal vitality.

Drumstick Flowers:

Drumstick flower is considered as natural remedy for bladder infection. You can make a drink of drumstick flowers. Soak drumstick flowers and make out 1 or 2 teaspoon juice from it and add it with a half glass of coconut water. Mix it properly and take this drink twice a day.

Radish Leaves:

You can make a juice of radish leaves and consume it twice a day up to two weeks.

Apply Cold Pressure:

You can apply cold pressure on the paining areas of the stomach. It is for your information that you should make much chill on that part where you apply cold pressure. It is something like a quick relieving order.

Lemon Juice:

Make a juice of lemon with boiled water. This is one of the very important bladder infection home remedies to be used in a consistent manner.

Sandalwood Oil:

Sandalwood oil is also very good as bladder infection home remedies. You can take initially five to six drops of sandalwood oil; later you can use more as per infection is concerned. Maintain regularity as it is the most important for all remedies to get good results.

Bladder Infection Home Remedies Daily Useful Tips:

  • Drink plenty of fluid as much as you can. Increase pure water consumption in a regular basis.
  • Urinate when feel. Do not wait for long time.
  • Develop healthy eating habits, mostly vegetarian dishes with less oil
  • Take showers and be clean and fresh always
  • Gently wash all part of the body and stay clean yourself