Nature of Black Walnut and Supplement Healthy Benefits

Black Walnut or also known as the American walnut is considered as a species of the flowering tree. It is mainly found in the mid west and east central of the United States. The Black Walnut tree grows as long as 95 to 130 feet and has a unique rough bark colored in a mixture of gray and black. In the month of October,the fruit tends to fall off the tree. The seed of the fruit though small in size, is very hard. Even though Black Walnuts can resist cold weathers, the warm regions with high water levels are an ideal situation for the fruit to grow.

Benefits of Black Walnut Supplement

The Fruit is considered to be very rich in Vitamin C. It is also known to be a very powerful astringent that helps cure diarrhea and excessive menstrual bleeding as well. Skin related problems such as eczema etc are also said to be cured by this fruit. On a even more positive side, the Black Walnut acts as an antiseptic and antibacterial which is useful against various infections. For over a decade it has been used to cure infections such as sinus and running nose in Germany.

Herbalists advice the fruit to be used over ulcers, wounds and as an ingredient to be added while gargling as well. The Black Walnut Leaf is said to obtain properties of a detergent which is helpful in blood purification. In certain cases, the fruit is said to help toward tissue repair and even lower blood pressure.

Side Effects of Black Walnut Supplement

Taking Black Walnut supplements during pregnancy is strictly prohibited since there are chances that it may cause severe fetal development problems for the child. Thus pregnant mothers are not advised to use this herbal treatment either orally or physically. People who are allergic to any kind of nuts or tree nuts to be specific, should avoid taking this dose since the possibility of it leading to a fatal skin reaction are high. Due to the presence of the chemical “Jugione” which is known to be harmful to the skin, a person can be exposed to certain serious problems such as tongue or lip cancer. There are a few rare cases of rashes and swollen skin registered by the consumers of this product as well.

Dosages of Black Walnut Supplement

The Black Walnut tablets or capsules contain around 500 mg - 1000 mg of powdered black walnut in them. The oral dosage that is generally prescribed is around three times a day and isn't suggested to be taken for more than 6 weeks. The tannins substance present in the Black Walnuts tend to reduce the body's ability to absorb other medications. Hence it is advised to take the Black Walnut dosage atleast one hour after taking any other medication.