Black Skin Care Tips

Black Skin Care Tips

Haven't you looked at those beautiful black models and television celebrity and wondered how they manage to have such a beautiful, spot free and even black skin and wished only if you knew some of their skin care tips. If you are black women, proper care, adequate sleep and healthy diet can help you to achieve a smooth and problem free skin with an even skin tone just like all the models out there.
Caring for dark and black skin may be different from the care for the white and Caucasian skin type but most of the skin care is same either way. Some skin care tips for black skin are given here which will help you to have a healthy looking and soft skin that can help you to catch anybody's eye.

Black Skin Care Tips

The main thing to remember while the black women go for the skin care is that whatever you do, your main aim should be to have an even and lubricated skin, being beautiful and having a good and healthy complexion with of course the minimal dark spots (dark spots are the main problem people with black skin faces) which can make you look and feel gorgeous.

Tip no 1: Know your skin

Plan a skin care routine for your skin and spent at least 15 minutes on taking care of and pampering your skin to make it look lively. Different skin type requires different cosmetics so the first thing you ought to do is to find out what your skin type is, - dry, oily or combination. Shop for all the very necessary cosmetics like sunscreen, moisturisers and cleansers best suited for your skin. If you want more for your skin you can go for more as there are a lot of skin care products available in the market. The more you look after, the better will be your skin.

Tip no 2: Moisturise to avoid the black skin looking ashy

Moisturiser is the very important piece of cosmetics for you if you have a black skin and you ought to carry it always. Apply a good moisturiser if you don’t want yourself looking dull and ashy. Dark and black skin gets affected by the dryness, and the patchy appearance of the skin appears very fast, so even if the lighter skin toned ones forget to moisturise daily, the black skinned women and men should never. Use the moisturiser that can give you a good and even feel depending on the skin type you have and use it while your skin is damp or just after your bath so that the effect stays longer.

Tip no 3: Protect your skin from the Sun

Black skin may have the maximum protection against the UV rays of the sun and most of us believe that having black skin means zero sunscreen for it. But even if you have the darkest of the dark skin, it does not mean that it will save you from using sunscreen. Dark or black skin will need the extra protection of the sunscreen to remain healthy and problem free throughout. The sunscreen can help you to prevent skin cancer and wrinkles that may appear as years pass by; so always remember, there is no skin type which does not require protection from the sun.

Tip no 4: never prick your pimples

Never pick on your acne or pimples as it might leave behind scars on your face that develops into keloids which are scar tissue or bumps caused by trauma or cuts. Black skin is usually prone to keloids than the lighter ones. So, if you have an acne prone skin, you would have to treat the problem gently and use a good cleanser and moisturiser depending on your skin needs in treating your acne and pimples.

Tip no 5: Eat healthy and drink lots of water

As good food and water are required to refresh your body and soul, it also helps any skin to look healthy from inside out. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day to have a glowing skin. You can trade water over the caffeine and alcohol to improve the texture and the feel of your skin. Fresh vegetables rich in vitamin C and E does give a magical touch to your skin making it look more beautiful and cared for.

Tip no 6: Keep yourself happy

A happy soul and a happy body is the key to a happy and healthy skin as it also makes you look younger and fresh. So, the one most important tip that most of us forget is to keep yourself happy and stress free all the time. Smile more and frown less to have a good skin and a beautiful you. And never forget to have at least 8 hours of sleep daily no matter how busy you may be.